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2006 State Election: Greens Back State Level Planning Protection in Macedon Ranges  "Sustainability In Macedon Ranges Means No Over-Development.  The Greens Support That"  (14/11/06 - SP)


After meeting with Greens representatives in early October to discuss the need for restoring State level planning policy and controls for Macedon Ranges, MRRA last week issued a press release announcing Greens' support for that level of planning protection.  Upper House candidate for the Northern Victoria Region, Jennifer Alden, headed up the Greens' delegation that met with MRRA.  Jennifer said, "We acknowledge that the Macedon Ranges is a discrete and special area that Is not only environmentally sensitive but in need of specific State-level planning protections for its rural land and towns. On this issue we are in agreement with the Macedon Ranges Residents Association."   Click here to see MRRA's Press Release.


MRRA Says:

It is a breath of fresh air, after the Bracks government's stubborn refusal to recognise Macedon Ranges' plight and provide protection, to find that others can see the problem and the need to fix it.  We would like to sincerely thank the Greens for working with MRRA to produce this very welcome result.


MRRA Invited To Address Greens

(14/6/05 SP) Association puts case for State protection in Macedon Ranges

Macedon Ranges Residentsí Association met with and addressed a recent meeting of the Australian Greens.† The meeting provided an opportunity to put forward and discuss issues relevant to the urgent need for State level planning protection in Macedon Ranges Shire.