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YES   Dianne Hadden, Independent Confirms Support for State Level Planning Protection   Dianne has already said she supports it, and has already called for the Bracks government to act, including re-instating Statement of Planning Policy No. 8.  She hasn't changed her mind...  (14/11/06 - SP)


MRRA Says:


MRRA first met with Dianne in 2004, and met again with her earlier this year to put the State protection issue.  She has been both supportive and active, taking the issue to parliament and writing a number of times to the Minister for Planning calling for State level planning protection to be given back to Macedon Ranges, including re-instatement of Statement of Planning Policy No. 8 as State policy.  Rock-solid support.  Click here to see MRRA's Press Release.


Independent MP Dianne Hadden Says 'Give Macedon Ranges Protection' In Parliament

(10/6/06 - SP)   Calls on Minister for Planning "to urgently restore the state significance policy protection status for Macedon Ranges before its local communities and magnificent rural land and ranges are lost forever."

Hansard for last Wednesday, 7th June 2006, shows Diane Hadden made an impassioned plea to the State government and Minister Hulls to act to give State level policy protection back to Macedon Ranges.  Click here to see the Hansard record of Dianne's speech.


MRRA Says:

Well done, well said, and thank you Dianne.


MRRA Puts Case for State Protection To Dianne Hadden

(30/5/06 - SP) Independent MP confirms she supports re-instating special planning controls to protect Macedon Ranges

MRRA Committee recently met with independent MP Dianne Hadden, presently an Upper House representative for Ballarat Province, but who will be contesting the lower house seat of Ballarat East (which includes the Kyneton area and is currently held by Labor's Geoff Howard) at the State election in November.  At the meeting, MRRA raised several issues with the MP - hospitals, accountability, the so-called Fast Train - and presented a explanatory report to Dianne on why Macedon Ranges needs State level planning protection, and how it could be achieved.


MRRA Says:

Our sincere thanks to Dianne for kindly making time to meet with the Association, and for listening to our concerns.  The Committee also notes and greatly appreciates her unhesitating response: "You have no argument or opposition from me on your position and proposals."


MRRA will be looking to arrange meetings with all political parties, and candidates in the local area, in coming months to explain planning problems in Macedon Ranges, and to ask their position on those issues.


Independent MP Criticizes Minister For Planning Over C48

(1/3/06 - P)  Dianne Hadden calls for Minister Hulls' resignation over errors in amendment

Click here to see Dianne's press release


MLC For Macedon Ranges, Dianne Hadden, Quits Labor Party – ‘Bracks Govt Hasn’t Delivered For Rural Areas’

(7/4/05 - SG) In Macedon Ranges, we already know the Bracks government hasn’t delivered - we’ve been waiting 7 years for promised State level planning protection.  Dianne Hadden is one MP who is prepared to stand up for Macedon Ranges.

MLC for Ballarat, Dianne Hadden, has resigned from the Labor party and will contest the next State election as an independent candidate.  Ms. Hadden is presently one of two State upper house representatives for Macedon Ranges.   She has cited the Bracks government’s failure to deliver in rural areas as a primary reason for quitting.   MRRA representatives met with Ms Hadden last October looking for her backing for the Bracks government to provide long-overdue State level planning protection.  Always supportive, she recently wrote to Rob Hulls, Minister for Planning, expressing her support for the Minister to meet with MRRA.  Click here to see Dianne Hadden’s letter to Rob Hulls.