Hidden Suburban Agenda

Last Updated 9/5/06


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Tourism Victoria Reclassifies Macedon Ranges from “Goldfields” to “Melbourne Surrounds”

(27/6/05 - SP) Is it yet another example of Macedon Ranges being absorbed into Metro Melbourne?

It seems that while we can’t have regional planning, there’s a new regional strategy for tourism that sees Macedon Ranges roped out of the Goldfields tourism region and into the Melbourne Surrounds region.   For more information, check out the Tourism Victoria website http://www.tourism.vic.gov.au and click on Regional Tourism Development Plans 2004 – 2007, then click on Melbourne Surrounds.


Is Another Piece Of The Urban Agenda For Macedon Ranges Hidden In The ‘Fast Rail’ Project?

(9/5/05 – SP) We all know there’s deep unhappiness about the so-called Fast Rail project (also known locally as the ‘Farce Train’), but is it more than we’ve been told?

MRRA has received what appears to be a credible report that the ‘fast train’ upgrade includes an as-yet unannounced upgrade to electric (suburban) trains as far as Kyneton.  If true, yet another piece of Macedon Ranges’ rural character will fall to suburbia.  There’s a completely different feel about travelling on country trains that’s not there on suburban trains: a sense of security.  People actually talk to each other on country trains.  So before anyone starts thinking this could be an election winner, residents should ask themselves how safe they would feel travelling this far out from Melbourne without a conductor aboard.   Think about it…


Further Confirmation Of State Government’s Hidden ‘Suburbia’ Agenda

(6/4/05 - SP) Macedon Ranges part of “proposed expanded metropolis”.

Local residents might want to check out last week’s Midland Express.  On page 32 was a notice from North Central Catchment Management Authority advertising changes to its waterway management district.   Leaving aside the proposed changes for the moment, what caught an MRRA member’s eye was the NCCMA map where the words “PROPOSED EXPANDED METROPOLIS” are applied to Macedon Ranges south of the Great Divide – that includes Gisborne, Lancefield, Riddells Creek and Romsey: towns also slated for connection to Melbourne Water and natural gas.