Posted 13/7/09 


Expansion of Urban Growth Boundary





Here is the notice of a community rally protesting over the impact of the expansion of Melbourne's urban growth boundary, about to be pushed out by up to 46,000 hectares, for residential development and a freeway/ring road. The State Government is considering taking over planning powers of these new "growth areas".


The rally is being organised by Taxed Out Inc., Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. and the Green Wedges Coalition. 


Community groups have been angered by the announcement that, as reported in the Age of 16 June 2009 (see attached), Planning Minister Madden will host a luncheon on 14 July 2009 to  "brief" developers and business "on the vision for our growth areas and the need to fast track infrastructure investment to create jobs"  - and to raise funds for the ALP. It seems that a privileged section of the community can buy the Minister's ear at the expense of other citizens. 


Here are the details:


When:  11:30 am Tuesday 14 July 2009


WhereMeet at the South-East Corner of Collins and William Streets, Melbourne.  See the red cross on the Google Earth aerial shot attached.


Why:  The proposed expansion of Melbourne's Urban Growth Boundary will involve rezoning up to 46,000 hectares for residential development, new roads and a freeway.  This policy could see unprecedented destruction of green wedges; environmental damage plus loss of western grasslands;, destruction of wildlife including endangered species; increased greenhouse gas emissions; building of yet more freeways; loss of arable farm land; compulsory acquisition of land; increased tax burdens including the grossly unfair vendor tax a "Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution  - GAIC"; and comes as a result of the go-for-growth-at any-cost Government philosophy. Also the erosion of our democracy will be on the cards if the elected State Government bypasses Parliament and local councils over planning and environment issues.


TransportTrams in Collins and William Streets, some meter parking in Haymarket Street. Train to Flagstaff Station then tram down William Street. Spencer Street then tram down Bourke or Collins to William Street


Bring to Rally:  Warm clothes, a cut lunch and something to sit on. Plus a placard. (Some will be provided.)


Support Needed:  We would be very glad if you can send us a message on behalf of your organisation in support of the rally.  This will help prove that your organisation is not city-centric or has "NIMBY" tendencies. Send to the above email address. I will read them out. Make sure to give the name of your group.  (Messages of support have already been received from a few outer suburban and rural groups saying how much they appreciate city folks taking up these issues.) Plus we need people to attend even for a short time.


Contacts: Julianne Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc 0408022408, Rosemary West Green Wedges Coalition 0418 554 799  and John Holtham Taxed Out 04091363111.