Posted 13/7/09



More On The Expansion of Urban Growth Boundaries


Make a Submission Online



You can do a survey style submission/objection to the Government's proposal to triple the size of Melbourne and apply levies, etc.


This shouldn't take long and could make a big difference to our cause and to your future. Please take a few minutes to lodge an objection.


The proposal connects Bulla to Diggers Rest in suburbia, wiping out Melbourne Airport Overlays, significant vegetation and fauna, etc etc.


Do you want:


Submissions close at 5pm on Friday 17 July 2009

Further information about all of the Delivering Melbourne’s Newest Sustainable Communities projects, including maps, reports, and details of public information open days and the submissions process is available from or by calling 1800 090 789.


Feel free to forward this to all your email contacts. The people of Melbourne need to be heard.