Posted 22/5/10 


Message from Julianne Bell from Protectors of Public Lands:


GAIC Tax and Expansion of Urban Growth Boundary - Ask the Liberals and Nationals To Say "NO"



Dear Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc. members and friends


See the Weekly Times article of 19 May 2010



The 25 May 2010 is DDay. 



After making speeches at rallies and protests since last July and rejecting legislation on the Growth Areas Infrastructure (GIA) Bill the coalition - Liberals and Nationals  - are about to roll over and vote with the ALP. 


This Bill is the Trojan Horse which could see the planning scheme being amended  - VC55  - and the Urban Growth Boundary extended to allow developers carte blanche to construct residential developments on the city fringe on rural land and on what was once our food bowl. It will render Melbourne unlivable.


Here is an urgent request to email all Upper House Liberal and National Members of Parliament and the Leaders of the Liberal and National Parties urging them to:

(You could use these words if you like. A simple message is enough.)


Click here for email addresses for the non-government MP's in the Upper House of Parliament.   


In a message issued today Mr. Greg Barber MLC of the Greens said today

"We expect a motion known as Amendment VC55, expanding the Urban Growth Boundary, will be voted on during the coming sitting week (starting 25 May).  Urban growth zoned land inside the new boundary will be subject to the Growth Areas Infrastructure Contribution (GAIC) tax, with some exemptions and some opportunities to defer the tax.


The Greens will be opposing the GAIC bill as amended by the government - we are bringing no amendments.   

Before amendment VC55 is voted on by the Parliament, we call on the government and opposition parties to run an inquiry, to look into all these matters and consider the views of affected communities. 


This morning the whip, Sue Pennicuik, has circulated a motion requesting support for an inquiry into "all aspects of Planning Amendment VC55" to the other parties in Victoria's Legislative Council. 


In the meantime we have been urging concerned constituents to contact their local MPs of all political affiliations to oppose the passing of this planning amendment which will seek to allow an expansion of the UGB."

Here is a summary of main points from my submission of 19 October 2009 to  the Parliamentary "Outer Suburban Interface/Services and Development Committee Inquiring into the Impact of State Government Decision to Change the Urban Growth Boundary." 


I said that we should look at the:

"failure of the State Government in strategic urban planning over the last 10 years and in encouraging uncontrolled entry of settlers to Victoria without examining sustainable population levels.


We  object to


Additionally we deplore the imposition of a vendor tax on landowners in order to fund the infrastructure of the new settlements and the impetus given to land speculation and “land banking.” 

Use any of these points you like.  Click here for the full submission. 


Click here for MPs email addresses. Write individually or if you can ask members of your groups to send in messages - we need a deluge.


The sitting of the Upper House of Parliament commences at 2 pm on 25 May 2010.  Come to the public gallery by 3:30 pm when the reading of the GAIC bill may commence.  It is listed first on the schedule for the day.  





Julianne Bell


Protectors of Public Lands Victoria Inc.


Mobile: 0408022408