Posted 19/11/09 






It has come to this. If we wish to retain the environmental assets of the Green Wedges it is now time to make a stand.


This is our last chance to stop the Green Wedge destruction and landholder rip-off legislation now before Parliament. 


Please join


Green Wedges Coalition, Taxed Out, Protectors of Public Lands and Planning Backlash


in a demonstration on the steps of Parliament House


At 12.30 for 1 pm next Tuesday 24 November.  


Speakers will include: 


Matthew Guy - Opposition Planning Spokesman


Greg Barber - Greens planning spokesman


Michael Hocking - Taxed Out


Julianne Bell - PPL


Mary Drost - PB and


Rosemary West - GWC.


Taxed Out is organising this Rally and has invited GWC, PPL & PB to take part and to speak. 


It will be very important to have as many people as possible & to bring placards if you can.


The legislation is due to be debated in the Legislative Assembly on 25 November:

please let us also pack the galleries on that day."