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MRSC Rural Living Strategy Info:  2ha to 4ha lots from South Gisborne to Riddells Creek



From MRSC Website:


Released: 7 November 2014

The Rural Living Zone

The Rural Living Zone is Council’s preferred location for rural residential style development and hobby/small farm activities. This Zone is located close to the shire’s townships and acts as a buffer between the more compact development in urban areas and the agricultural activities occurring in the Farming Zone.


The Macedon Ranges Planning Scheme has five Schedules for land in the Rural Living Zone, which allow for a variety of minimum lot sizes ranging from 2 to 40 hectares.


Managing the demand for and supply of land in the Rural Living Zone in the Macedon Ranges Shire is important as the shire’s landscapes, natural environmental features and townships are unique and need to be protected from inappropriate development. It is also important that rural residential living does not compromise the continued use of land in the Farming Zone.


The Rural Living Zone Review

Council’s Rural Living Zone Review provides a strategic basis for Council and the community to talk about the future use and development of land within this Zone.


The Review also facilitates a discussion on the kind of long term options that are appropriate for managing different areas of rural living zoned land across the Shire.


Council’s strategic report, In the Rural Living Zone (13MB) provides an update on the available supply of land in the Rural Living Zone and presents a strategic approach for managing rural living opportunities in the Shire to 2040.


In the Rural Living Zone - consultation process


The draft In the Rural Living Zone report was endorsed for public exhibition by Council on Wednesday 22nd October 2014 and formal exhibition commenced on 7 November 2014.


The Report (13MB) and project details will be available to view from 7 November 2014 until 12 December 2014.


The FAQs (7MB) have further details about how you can have your say about the strategy.


Council is also seeking input from landowners who own land in the Rural Living Zone via an online survey.


The results of the survey will help Council to better understand how land in the Rural Living Zone is valued and what aspirations and issues landowners have regarding their land and will inform the findings of the final In the Rural Living Zone report.

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