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Last Updated  17/2/07


Council's Draft Housing Strategy 2007 Is Out For Comment Until December 22

(14/11/06 - P)  Critically important, this hefty document identifies housing needs until 2031 but hey, when do the people get to have a say about how much growth?


MRRA Says:

There are real problems for residents with this Strategy.  The snag isn't with Dr. Beyer's professional work, which is usually impeccable, but rather the assumptions upon which it is based: the State government's raging growth projections that will see around 60,000 people here by 2030.  Using these figures, the Housing Strategy comes up with the following growth projections (to 2031) for Macedon Ranges main towns:










Mount Macedon

Riddells Creek


% Growth









Additional People by 2031











MRRA strongly suggests residents get a copy of the Housing Strategy, and put their comments in to Council, including a request for Council to ask the community what it wants - how much growth? - before going any further down this path.  Get those submissions in!



UPDATE  Council's Draft Housing Strategy:  Community Meetings This Week  12th, 14th and 17th

(10/12/06 - P)  Presentation will explain it all, says Council.

Council will roll out a presentation explaining its draft Housing Strategy in 3 sessions this week.  Presentations will be made at Kyneton on the 12th, Romsey on the 14th and in Gisborne on Sunday 17th, starting at 3pm.  For further details, contact Tim Liston Tel. 54 278 227, Fax 54 271 004, and Mobile 0407 126 306


MRRA Says:


Residents are strongly encouraged to go to these presentations.  The Housing Strategy is an important strategic document dealing with projected housing requirements in Macedon Ranges until 2031.  It's long term!


MRRA reps are reading the draft Strategy and hold concerns with some key elements, including the generality of some of the assumptions (i.e. is it Melbourne, or Macedon Ranges?), and the use of (almost) out-dated census data.  We'd like to see the Strategy deferred until the latest 2006 census data is available instead of using 2001 data and DSE estimates/projections (best guesses?).  We are also uneasy about the use of DSE Victoria In Future population projections, which are based in part on the 'open slather' development that has gone on in the past six years, without those figures being balanced against what residents want, protecting water catchments and keeping Macedon Ranges rural.  MRRA will be making its concerns known to Council.


You should take an interest in this, not only because this Strategy will have an enormous influence over our future, but because one of the assumptions the Strategy makes is that over half the population of Macedon Ranges will be single and two-person households that will be looking for high-density residential accommodation - a lot more of it than we have today.  Hmm... What would this do to the character of our towns?


So if you can manage to free up a couple of hours, please go along to one of the presentations, and have your say.