Posted 9/4/13




Public Meeting Wednesday 10th April, 7.30pm. Riddells Creek Mechanics Hall



Jenny Grounds 0407 287 684

Lyn Hovey 0418559640 or email




A very big thanks to all those who travelled to Romsey for the council meeting on Wednesday 27th March, and to those who wrote and spoke to councillors before hand.  We are very buoyed by the terrific community response to this very flawed commercial development proposal.


Over 90 people from Riddell attended the meeting, the biggest crowd they have had for a long long time, if ever.


As you will all know, Henry McLaughlin proposed a motion that the council support the VCAT applicants against this proposal.  He spoke very passionately about the reasons for this, but was it was voted down 7 to 1, with one councillor away. (John Connor).


This was disappointing but not an unexpected outcome.  Many of the councillors felt that they just couldn’t vote for a complete turnaround on their decision last month without any new information being presented.  However in our conversations with them several have sounded quite sympathetic, acknowledging that the planning processes have been less than ideal, and we still hope that some may change their minds especially if we can present them with new information.


So where to from here?


The VCAT application by four objectors Yvonne Von Hartel, Lyn Hovey, Jenny Grounds and John Ball is going ahead.  At least one other application has been put in.


We four are being assisted by Deb Dunn, a town planner and previous councillor of Macedon Ranges.  We have made some progress but there is much to be done.


So far there have been no costs as every one has been working voluntarily, but there will be considerable costs in the future to run the case and to pay for expert witnesses.  Which brings me to:




David Bruce and Rosemary Homewood have put their hands up to be fundraising organisers, and David is setting up a website, bank account and payment portal.


But to do this we need an official structure, which involves electing a committee, with President, Secretary and Treasurer, and several committee members.


We propose to have a Public Meeting on Wednesday 10th April at 7.30 pm (Mechanics Hall Riddells Creek) to set up this structure and keep the campaign rolling. 


Nominations for positions or other assistance will be gratefully accepted.


Let's Get Riddell Right


Jenny Grounds