Posted 10/6/06





MRRA Calls On Council To Think Again On Floodprone Retirement Village

Please Look Beyond ‘Good Idea, Nice Spot’


Macedon Ranges Council is about to make a decision on a very large Retirement Village proposal in Mt. Macedon Road, Woodend.  Macedon Ranges Residents’ Association [MRRA] believes there is a strong public interest issue with this proposal which Council has not satisfactorily addressed: the site is extremely floodprone (see photos).


Development site on left 1993 floods



Development site on right 1993 floods


MRRA Secretary Christine Pruneau said:  “The old Woodend planning scheme had special zones on this land to warn everyone about the flooding but our current scheme says nothing about it.  You can’t compress water or just wish it away.  A residential development this size, on that land, has potential to badly affect nearby houses - and future Retirement Village residents.  People are also asking how the land was rezoned Rural Living when it was supposed to be Rural Conservation – a zone which would have prohibited the proposal.  Objectors have reported to MRRA they aren’t entirely satisfied with the consultation process to date, and Council has said it won’t call a public meeting to get community input on this proposal.  There is potential for ratepayers to be left with liability problems here, and MRRA is asking Council to think again.”