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Are You Going To Finish Strong?

(30/5/09 - O)  The try, try and try again principle, beautifully repackaged.

When you think you can't go on, turn your mind to this...  Make sure you watch until the end.



Free Breast Screening In Gisborne Until July 23

(13/7/09 - O)  Mobile screening service - free to women aged 40 - 69 years 

Call 13 20 50 for an appointment.   More details from



Could You Tell If Someone's Had A Stroke?

(11/10/07 - O)   S.T.R. - knowing this could save someone's life

We'd all like to help if we could.  Here's a simple way you can.  Click here to find out how



Mens' Health Forum: "Don't Beat Around The Bush" Sponsored By Foundation 49

(13/6/08 - O)  Talkin' about anxiety, depression, stress, loss and grief, retirement and isolation.  Final forum at Gisborne Monday 16 June (7 - 9 pm), Gisborne Football Club

Click here for Forum Flyer.



"Women and Drought, Women and Climate Change"

(15/10/07 - O)  Two special focus group sessions for women, 23 October

All women are invited to join a focus group to contribute the ideas and issues for women in the Macedon Ranges. Lancefield Neighbourhood House advises that two "Women and Drought, Women and Climate Change" focus group sessions will be held at the Woodend Neighbourhood Centre on Tuesday 23rd October.  10am- 12pm and 7pm - 9pm.  Please RSVP on 5429 1214



Citizens' Handbook : A Guide To Building Community Website

(21/6/07 - CC) Some lessons and helpful hints from Vancouver

We hadn't heard of this before.  It deals with some fascinating - and familiar - subjects.  Published by the Vancouver Citizens Committee, working through the Vancouver Community Network, this is the newly-updated June 2007  version.  Yes, it's a Canadian publication, but it has been edited for broader use, and there seem to be some strikingly similar themes to what happens in Australia - or even here at home.  To learn more,  and access this information, click on    To see what others are saying about the handbook, click here.  To see issues covered in the handbook, and link, click here.



Tales of Woe - Credit Card Identity Theft

(21/6/07 - O)  These warnings have come in from America - could they happen here?  Be aware...

MRRA received these from someone in America.  We aren't sure if they are true, and there are of course some issues with what might happen in America and what happens here.  That said, you might want to have a look, and a think about it.  It's up to you.  Click here for these sorry sagas...