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How Well Are We Served By The Local Press In Macedon Ranges?

(21/3/05 - O) Are our local papers doing a good job reporting on what’s happening in our area?   Are some better than others?   What (if anything) needs to improve?

We know you’ll agree that our local papers usually do a great job telling us what’s happening in Macedon Ranges.  Interestingly, MRRA has been hearing a few comments about our three main local papers – the Midland Express (in Kyneton), the Telegraph (in Gisborne) and the Leader (Sunbury office) – that set us thinking.    So we decided to raise the issues that have been raised with us:


°       Why can there be such a difference in the way the same stories are reported?

°       Why are the same letters to the editor printed in one or perhaps two papers but not in another?


If you’ve got some thoughts or suggestions on this, please let MRRA know.