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Last Updated 10/3/06 



Bracks Government Gives Community More Protection From Defamation Action

(29/1/06 – O)  Changes to law should stop ‘McLibel’-type cases

MRRA sends a ‘bouquet’ to the Bracks government for changing Victorian defamation laws to avoid ‘McLibel’ situations happening here.  The new laws, which came into effect on January 1st (make sure you read the fine print about what applies, when) prevent public bodies (including governments) and large companies from suing for defamation (individuals in those organizations, if personally defamed, can still take action). The end effect of the government’s changes is that under Victorian law, the ‘big boys’ can no longer bring a case of defamation against, say, individuals or a community or activist group for simply saying things the ‘big boys’ might not like to hear.   The threat of defamation action has often been used as a way of intimidating and shutting awkward people up.  That shouldn’t happen now.  So, we say hats off to ‘Hullsy’ – good job.   To see the McLibel story (saga!!), go to