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(13/11/11 - O)  Climate change, immigration, population growth, media reform - see what people are saying.

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CanDoBetter Calls For A Campaign On Introducing Switzerland's "Direct Democracy" In Australia

(17/8/11 - O)  What do you think?

How would you feel about being able to reverse government policy, for example selling off Telstra or privatizing transport and utilities?  Click here to see what CanDoBetter is saying... 



CanDoBetter Exposes Scandalous Scanlon Report (30 million by 2050) And Supporters

(29/8/09 - O)  It's what is going on without you knowing 

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On-line Petition Calls For A Stop To Repco Rally In Tweed & Kyogle Area National Parks

(29/8/09 - O)  Your help needed to convince NSW Premier rally in high sensitivity environmental area isn't a good idea... 

The petition applies to those who may visit the area as well as to those who live in it.  So please...sign.  Click here for a quick preview of the petition content.

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Supreme Court win for Brown Mountain (Grounds For an injunction stopping the Victorian government logging old growth forests), but the East Gippsland group now must find a huge amount of money.  They need help.

(17/9/09 - O)  How just is justice? 


Read what Sheila Newman of Candobetter says:


Brown Mountain: What price justice?

Posted September 14th, 2009 by Sheila Newman

On Monday 14th September, the Victorian Supreme Court found grounds for an injunction to stop the Victorian Government from logging old-growth Brown Mountain forest. In an appalling trend, however, the court asked for the complainant to deposit a huge sum of money as an indemnity for VicForests before it applies the law. The complainant is the small but incredibly brave group of volunteers - Environment East Gippsland (EEG). EEG is all that stands between the reduction of Victoria's remaining old growth forest - our Eden - to below 8 %, heading towards zero.

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The Government should be defending our forests, yet we have to defend them against our rogue Victorian government.

Please dig deeply into your pockets for EEG and for justice and for Mother Nature.


Breaking news:


Judge Forrest: Brown Mountain injunction case in public interest

Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sheila Newman

More detail has come to light in the matter of costs that might be imposed on parties. It seems that the judge, whose name is actually Jack Forrest, recognises biodiversity preservation - which this injunction application is about - to be a matter of public interest, which would mean that the complainants are unlikely to be made to wear harsh costs. This is a development on this story, "Brown Mountain: What price justice?" where it seemed to me that the costs would be high for the complainants. That was probably an error. Let's hope for a very good result here.



Victorian Government About To Decimate Victorian Forests

(29/8/09 - O)  CanDoBetter asks: can you help?  

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CanDoBetter:  Environment, Overloading Australia....

(16/12/08 - O)  Latest from a great website

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CandoBetter:  Latest

(10/12/08 - O)  Parliamentary Circus and Overpopulation

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CandoBetter:  Latest

(28/11/08 - O)  Lead Story:  The Battle For Brown Mountain (in East Gippsland)

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CanDoBetter Urges "Vote For Democracy In Victoria"

(19/11/08 - O)  Another package of hot topics

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CanDoBetter:  VCAT Community Forum Highlights Problems, Fixes None

(18/10/08 - O)  "VCAT unelected, unaccountable and system has lost all respect from community." 

VCAT Community Forum highlights problems fixes none

October 17th, 2008 by Sheila Newman

"VCAT unelected, unaccountable and system has lost all respect from community."
 VCAT is Victoria's Civil and Administrative Tribunal. (Australia)


CanDoBetter:  The Global Market Crash And Peak Oil

(14/10/08 - O)  Can the October 08 global market crash be linked to oil prices, oil depletion or peak oil?

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Next Round Of Can Do Better

(29/9/08 - O)   Yet more hotstuff from a hot website

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Can Do Better

(11/9/08 - O)   More hotstuff from a hot website

Could Melbourne end up like Jakarta?

Property Council Flexes its Muscle in Victoria

Where is the Regulator to protect Port Phillip Bay from rising pollution?

Mother Nature: dig out your begging-bowl - dem cotton farmers is coming yo' way

Indigenous communities in Peru threatened with mining

Parable of the Co-Dependent Green Wife

US Vice Pres Candidate, Sarah Palin, accused of terrible animal cruelty

Sheila Newman (Ed.) The Final Energy Crisis, Second Edition, Pluto Press, UK 2008
Iemma leaves NSW local government electors in dark about political funding sources

Does Mugabe's record mean that anti-colonialists were wrong?

'Self-storage' industry growth not an indication of improved quality of life

Live exports - a litany of disasters

Minister Garrett can stop massive Shoalwater coal port this week

FOREST/CLIMATE ALERT! Final push needed to save Tasmania's ancient forests from woodchippers

Murray-Darling water - Itís time to use the P-word

NSW Greens defend O'Farrell

Australian aid to preserve overseas rainforests does not absolve it from domestic rainforest destruction

 Italian baby-boom summer!

 Rainforest Action Network sells-out Canadian Boreal forests

Same money, same message: Barrack Obama (US) and Jack Layton (Canada)

Greens endorse strike against electricity retail sell-off

AWPC Kangaroo trail map restores respect for gentle and beautiful creature

 Privatisation debate exposes Costa's hypocrisy and incompetence

 Is Garrett a dud? CSIRO pulp mill report on Gunns and other disappointments


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(31/8/08 - O)  Latest

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"Dear John":  CanDoBetter Open Letter To Victorian Premier

(10/8/08 - O)  When too much is just enough: a response to Mr. Brumby's announcement that current immigration settings are OK

The Victorian Premier's recent announcement that galloping growth has sent Victoria to the limits of its capacity, but that the current over-the-top growth rate is OK, has provoked a 'face the facts' challenge.  Click here to see James Sinnamon's open letter.



Latest News From Candobetter

(28/7/08 - O)  Whether you are looking for controversy or grass roots, Can Do Better will have it...

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Can Do Better Samples Hansard

(19/7/08 - O) Recent comments and extracts from Hansard, Victorian Parliament

CanDoBetter has sent the following links to Hansard extracts that may be of interest or have been topical recently in the Victorian parliament.


Latest From "Can Do Better"

(16/7/08 - O)   Plenty of issues, lots to learn

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"Can Do Better":  Some Recent Scorching Articles From The Website

(1/5/08 - O)  Topical, very topical

Here are the headings of some recent articles sent to us by CanDoBetter.  Go to the CanDoBetter website for the latest.


ABC at it again! 30/4/08

Since when did our taxes go to fund the ABC as a national real-estate agent or an arm of the PCA?

Peak oil doc by engineers with big government's ear dumps on democracy, closes off relocalisation 23/4/08

The document below [Scanlon report] probably furnished the blueprint for the Australian government to plan to transform Australian society in a manner which will displace and disenfranchise the bulk of its current population.

Scanlon report underpins threat to Australian democracy 23/4/08 

The document below probably furnished the blueprint for the Australian government to plan to transform Australian society in a manner which will displace and disenfranchise the bulk of its current population. The Scanlon Report 30/50 - The Technological Implications of an Australian Population of 30 million by 2050

Submission to Australia 2020 Summit says we cannot afford more population growth 18/4/08

Who Owns Port Phillip Bay? 18/4/08  Victorians need proper representation from their government and journalists need absolute freedom to report. Time to turn off the Corporate Machine. Time to stop Brumby's New Army of developers. Time to slow the monster down, Mr Brumby, Mr Paluka, Mr Pallas. Time to listen to your employers and the owners of the Bay, the Victorian people.

Property market propagandist, Wendell Cox, on ABC Counterpoint (again) 17/4/08  ABC's Counterpoint did another Wendell Cox interview on Tuesday. This time Cox is blaming the subprime crisis on urban consolidation! (LOL!) Have a listen and a good laugh. It is minutes 21-33 of the mp3 file).

Channel 7 markets unliveable Melbourne to a helpless audience 16/4/08 On the Channel 7 Today Tonight program 16 April 2008 the audience was told that by 2030 Melbourne would be "unrecognisable" and that owning a house and garden would a "thing of the past. "It seems obvious to us here at candobetter that no group should be granted a commercial broadcasting license to market dystopia.

Courier-Mail editorial beats up on public for complaining about cost of 'progress' 14/4/08  Murdoch's Queensland Courier Mail has long been in the business of marketing unacceptable development, but the 23 May 2008 editorial read more like a medieval sermon on the benefits of floggings.



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