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GetUp Survey Asks For Views About Accepting Donations

(20/11/10 - O)  Group discloses all donations after being criticized (by a politician) for calling for donations to political parties and politicians to be disclosed 

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Rally In Support Of Greener Energy November 6, State Library, 1pm

(2/11/10 - O)   GetUp asks for your support (and presence) to replace Hazelwood power station with cleaner energy   

Click here for details.   



GetUp Says Go For Fearless Fashion

(13/8/10 - O)   Care about carbon pollution and the need for renewable energy? 

GetUp is asking that if you do care, donate and you can have the new GetUp T-shirt.  Stocks limited, get in fast for the final week of the Federal election campaign.  Click here for more information.


GetUp Says "Re-Energize Melbourne" 

(10/10/09 - O)  Save Solar Systems Rally, Sunday 11th October
Click here for details



GetUp Says:  Help Us Get Young People To "Power Shift 2009"

(21/6/09 - O)  Australia's first national youth climate summit, July 11 - 13th 

Click here for more information, and an email you can send to the young people you know...



GetUp Says:  Your Rights, Your Say

(10/12/08 - O)  Support a Human Rights Act to permanently protect human rights in Australia

Click here for more details.



GetUp Says Sign On For Review Of Anti-Terrorism Laws

(19/11/08 - O)  "Demand a new era of national security that protects both Australia and the rights of all Australians"

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Get Up Says Sign Up For Equal Rights

(14/10/08 - O)  Hit their online petition before the Australian parliament votes tomorrow

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GetUp Says:  Renew Our Economy!

(6/10/08 - O)  Make it a clean energy economy

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GetUp Says "Let's Get Down To Business" : Encourage Business To Be Part Of The Solution, Not Part Of The Problem

(11/9/08 - O)  Be part of the call for Climate Action Now as big business responds to Garnaut's reduced emissions target of 10% as 'not low enough'

GetUp has launched a new campaign selecting 10 companies that are all members of the Business Council of Australia - an industry body leading the charge to weaken the government’s carbon reduction targets - and we are asking you to tell them to lead not lag, to be part of the solution, not the problem.  As GetUp says:  "We need to counter this intense lobbying campaign to make weak targets worse. encourage key businesses to make a public statement saying they're willing to be part of the solution, not part of the problem."  Click here for more information.



GetUp Climate Torch Relay Is Coming

(31/8/08 - E)  And other things you can do to lift awareness of the need for action on climate change now 

GetUp's national Climate Torch Relay is coming to the Melbourne area over the next week! The torch has been making a splash in each town it has passed through, sending a vital message that we are all rising to the climate challenge - and expect our leaders to do the same by reducing Australia's carbon pollution 50% by 2020.


Local GetUp members have been busy organising exciting relay events - all you need to do is come along and enjoy the festivities! The more locals that join in the better our chance of securing crucial media coverage and influencing the politicians in attendance.


To be a part of the exciting climate action click here:


Will you run the torch? Here's where you can:


Blackburn on Friday the 29th: 1:30pm at the Blackburn Lake Sanctuary.

Fitzroy + Brunswick + Northcote on Saturday the 30th: Bike Relay leaving from the Edinburgh Garden Rotunda at 10:50am, arriving at Fitzroy Townhall at 12pm.

St.Kilda + Sandringham + Bayside Area on Sunday the 31st:  Meet at St Kilda Park Primary School on Fitzroy Street at 12:30pm, where local children will run the torch through Albert Park. The relay will continue into the afternoon in Sandringham and run through the Bayside area.

Geelong on Monday the 1st: 12:30pm at Johnston's Park next to the Town Hall.

Warburton on Tuesday the 2nd: Midday at Cement Creek Bridge.

Mt Dandenong on Wednesday the 3rd: 1pm in Sassafras, at the park on Mt Dandenong Tourist Rd.

Healesville on Thursday the 4th: Midday at Healesville Railway Station.


Click here for more details of these events near you:


Also check the site for additional Victorian events including Wonthaggi, Ballarat, Shepparton, Wodonga and Mildura. And if you can't make it to an event, that's fine - you can also check out ways to take meaningful local action.


Thanks for everything you do, The GetUp Climate Torch Team



GetUp Says IT'S A LEMON !!!

(28/7/08 - O)   To solve the climate crisis, we will need a movement unprecedented in Australia's history. To mobilise this movement, GetUp has invented a new device to respond to the climate crisis. You can hold it in one hand. It combines solar power, a wind-turbine, and.... a lemon.

GetUp is looking for some commitment and support to get an Australia-wide movement on the ground, so our politicians will know Australians want action to tackle climate change.  GetUp is asking people to sign up their towns to be part of a CLIMATE TORCH relay.  Click here for more information.


MRRA Says:

We've checked the GetUp website and Macedon Ranges residents are pretty quick off the mark!  There are already 4 requests for the Climate Torch relay to include Woodend and Kyneton, and one request each from Macedon and New Gisborne.  To residents in our other towns - you aren't going to let Kyneton, Woodend, New Gisborne and Macedon have all the fun, are you???   Hmm???



GetUp Says: Help Them Get Their Voices Heard - Sign The Petition

(24/6/08 - O)  GetUp calls for help in getting the message across that a consultative approach that protects human rights, not strips them away, is needed.

Click here for more information.



Get Up: Reconciliation - A Simple Conversation  29 April

(22/4/08 - O)  Is this a conversation you can be part of?

Click here for more information.



GetUp Asks:  How Would You Hand Out The Federal Budget Bickies?

(7/4/08 - E)  What would you bankroll:  fossil fuels or climate saving actions?  Play the game today!

You can have fun doing this...  Click here for more info.



GetUp Says Stand Up For Tibet

(26/3/08 - O)  On-line petition to Prime Minister Rudd

Click here for details



GetUp:  What's Your  2020 Vision?

(14/4/08 - O)  Make your voice heard at the 2020 Summit

Click here to find out more



"Don't Pulp Our Climate" - GetUp's Online Petition To Professor Garnaut

(4/3/08 - E)  As Tasmania hands forests to Gunns for 20 years, GetUp says the impact must be included in Professor Garnaut's report.

Click here for more information and a link to GetUp's petition.



Want Urgent Action On Climate Change?   Sign Al Gore's On-line Petition

(11/12/07 - E)  Petition to be presented in Bali for the UN Climate Change Conference.

Al Gore and GetUp ask for your support.  Click here for more information.



Ask ANZ Not To Finance Gunns' Pulp Mill

(14/12/07 - O)  You can send a message today

Click here for more information.



GetUp:  Vision GetTogether - National People's Agenda For New Parliament

(9/12/07 - O)  Community GetTogethers are running next Tuesday 11 December (closest venues in Macedon Ranges: Woodend and Castlemaine)

Now that the Federal election is over, GetUp says: "Working together, with strength in numbers and shared vision for our future, we can make sure this Government reaches for the stars."   Click here for more information.



Unsure How To Vote In The Federal Election?  Try Something Completely Different!

(20/11/07 - O)  GetUp helps you sort the 'good guys' from the 'bad guys' in your lower house electorate.  Just answer 20 questions and the candidates who best match the values expressed in your answers will be shown.

We did a test run, and got a real surprise.  Particularly useful for learning more about candidates you don't know.  As GetUp says, they aren't telling you how to vote, just giving you information you can think about.  Click here for more information.



GetUp: "Promise Watch"

(29/10/07 - O)    A promise is a promise is a promise.  Isn't it?

GetUp says:  "Don't you just hate it that every time an election comes around politicians try to woo you with a million promises that seem to disappear into thin air as soon as they get elected?  This year, GetUp is putting an end to all that.   Welcome to our new initiative - Promise Watch - our own 'wiki' to make sure all promises are core.


Click here for more information, or go to the GetUp website



GetUp says Sign Up For Election Updates

(16/10/07 - O)  If you would like to pitch in, you can also sign up to the GetUp "Adopt-A Booth" program 

Click here for more info.



Help GetUp: "Save Our Senate"

(29/10/07 - O)   For the first time in Australian history, three competing parties have come together in one political ad - under the GetUp banner - with an urgent plea to all Australians: Save Our Senate!

As GetUp says, it's not about targetting any particular political party, it's about getting a functioning house of review where no-one holds all the cards.  Click here for more information, or go to the GetUp website



GetUp: "Adopt A Booth"

(29/10/07 - O)   One in 10 voters makes up their mind who to vote for when they are at the booth.  GetUp says if it's OK for the big parties to be there, it's OK for GetUp to be there too.  Can you help?

Click here for more information, or go to the GetUp website



GetUp Calls For Your Support To Tell The Next Parliament To Say One Little Word

(15/10/07 - O)  "Sorry"

Add your name to those who support the next Australian parliament saying "sorry" to indigenous Australians.  Click here for more information.



GetUp Says "Not With My Money"

(11/10/07 - O)  Government spending of our taxes to advertise their party policies must stop now.  You are urged to comment on the Federal Government's relentless expenditure of taxpayer's funds on advertizing

GetUp is calling for the introduction of a new law that ensures that:

  1. All future government advertising costs (from focus groups to media buying) are publicly available and easily accessible to the community via an annual report

  2. All advertising above $250,000 is to be approved by an independent auditor who applies strict guidelines to limit advertising to the dissemination of public information

  3. These guidelines are to be developed with public consultation with the final guidelines to be publicly available

  4. These conditions to apply in both the federal and state governments within 1 year

  5. A cap of $100 million p.a for total government advertising spending is to be imposed with any additional money to be approved by parliament.

Click here for more information, or go directly to GetUp and add your voice:



You Can Help GetUp Get The Real Climate Change Message Across

(26/9/07 - O)  See the GetUp version of the government's "I can do that" ad - donate to put it on telly, if you can.

Click here for more information.



GetUp Reminder To Register To Vote For The Federal Election

(7/9/07 - O)  If you're not enrolled when an election is called, you miss out.  Enrol today

Click here for more information



GetUp Says: Show The World What We Are Made Of At APEC

(3/9/07 - O)   Sign the petition calling for binding greenhouse targets and a real shift to clean energy.  Over 88,000 have signed up, you can help make it 100,000

Here's the message MRRA received from GetUp: 


"Dear Friends


This week, the world comes to us.

Leaders of 21 nations are converging in Australia for APEC, in part to determine the critical next steps to tackle climate change. The problem is, our Prime Minister and George Bush are planning to use the event to sidestep commitments to binding greenhouse gas targets. Faced with this international crisis, GetUp is going global with our friends at Avaaz by creating a 500,000-strong email and photo petition of citizens to be delivered direct to our global leaders.

We need the rest of the 21 APEC world leaders to hold strong and we want every one of the 1100 journalists covering the summit to alert the world to the impending scandal unfolding in Sydney. No more hot air, we need the binding targets experts agree must be put in place to cap temperature rises at 2 degrees. We can't afford to delay! Join more than 80,000 of us in Australia alone by adding your name to the petition below.

You are also invited to upload your photo to our global visual manifesto which will be unveiled starting Friday in a special ceremony at the site of the APEC meeting in Sydney - it will then roll out around the world to Kyoto, the North Pole, the Great Barrier Reef and beyond.

Sign the petition below calling for binding climate targets and a real shift to clean energy. And if you upload your own personal climate target image at the same time, we'll deliver it this week. You can use an old photo of yourself or take a new one with your mobile phone with a target - a dot with circles around it - on the palm of your hand. Start by simply signing the climate action petition now.

On Friday, we will gather to pass a massive 144-square metre floating canvas of our own target to surfers who will take it out to sea at the iconic Bondi Beach, followed by a replica event on Saturday at the Reef. Sunday, we are set for Melbourne. Click here if you are interested in being part of these events and we'll send you the details.

Scientists agree this is humanity's golden window to stop climate change, and with an election and round two of Kyoto talks just around the corner, this is the moment for every concerned Australian to exert maximum pressure on world leaders, including our own.  Click here to put your name to the petition for real political leadership to reduce our global polluting emissions.

Thanks for showing the world what we really stand for,

The GetUp team

PS -- Meeting any targets will be tougher if the proposed Gunns pulp mill goes ahead - hundreds of thousands of tonnes of emissions will be produced and a similar amount of carbon-storing forest consumed annually. Over 25,000 of you have spoken out, prompting the Minister to delay making his final decision - he now has until October 11. Submissions have closed, but please share your thoughts on our blog.

GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations."



GetUp Calls For Your Support On Gunn's Pulp Mill (Tasmania)

(28/8/07 - O)  Send Federal Minister Malcolm Turnbull a message to not approve the mill

GetUp needs your help to lobby the Federal government to not simply rubber stamp this environmentally damaging proposal.  Click here for more information, or go directly to GetUp's website and make your voice heard.



Please Mr Howard:  Louise Barry Asks For Your Help...

(12/7/07 - O)  GetUp campaigner (and terrorism victim) calls for the end of Australia's involvement in the Iraqi war


Here is Louise Barry's message:

"Two years ago I was on a bus that was blown up by terrorists. Three months in traction and six operations later, I'm asking for your help to prevent this from happening to any more Australians.

These recent attacks in the UK have not only brought back some really painful memories, they've prompted me to make a television ad - and we need your help to show it. Please watch my urgent plea here:

I thought going to war in Iraq was supposed to make us safer, not put us in more danger. And now we're hearing it was for their oil. Some of you may have seen me ask John Howard from my hospital bed whether he thought what happened to me was a result of the war in Iraq.
I did not think then that two years later we would be still be in this position, where I feel compelled to ask Mr Howard the same question. Yet here we are - our military presence is not making the Iraqis any safer; it is not making Australians any safer. Why, exactly, are we there then?
I want to help the Iraqi people, but not at the end of a gun. Our involvement in the violence in Iraq will only lead to more violence. Why can't we instead spend the money on reconstruction programs?
I'm no expert, but I do know something about the real cost of terrorism. Please, help me tell this to the Prime Minister.
Thank you,
Louise Barry
Survivor, 2005 London Bombings
GetUp member"

GetUp is an independent, not-for-profit community campaigning group. We use new technology to empower Australians to have their say on important national issues. We receive no political party or government funding, and every campaign we run is entirely supported by voluntary donations. If you'd like to chip in to support GetUp's work, please click here.  If you have trouble with any links, please go directly to



GetUp for climate action now



GetUp - A National Movement For Action NOW On Climate Change

(30/9/06 - E) Hey, it's getting hot in here...

MRRA has received notice of a group tackling, among other things, the red-hot issue of climate change.  They are asking for your support to be part of a groundswell movement calling on politicians to get over going along with 'business as usual' and to start thinking about whether there will be a future.  MRRA agrees that if politicians can't come to grips with the reality of the grim 21st century that 'business as usual' has created, then they should go and be replaced with people who can. 


GetUp claims to be non-partisan as far as politics go.  Their website however deals with more issues than the critical one of climate change.  MRRA recommends you go to GetUp's website and decide where you stand and whether you will support this particular group.   Here's the message from GetUp:


Dear friends,

The time for half-measures, manufactured doubt and self-serving delays is over.  Tackling our climate crisis is priority number one - this is the resounding message you came back with when we asked you to help set a positive new agenda for Australia.

And here's how we start: there are GetUp members in every electorate across the country, and we're redrawing the map of Australia to make the climate crisis personal.  Politicians at all levels of government need to see the writing on the wall, and realise this is not a problem for somebody else to solve - it's the issue in their backyard.
With more than 15 million Australians of voting age, we've set an initial target of 250,000 to create a groundswell for change that cannot be dismissed, trivialised or ignored.  Put yourself on the Climate Action Map now, and ask your friends, family, colleagues and neighbours to join you.

Our strategy starts with one unified message: this issue is bigger than party politics, bigger than special interests and more important than short-term economic gain.


Give us responsible leadership and bold action now to solve the climate crisis, or step aside. 

Our Federal Government likes talking up its action on climate change, but has its head too far down a coalmine to sign the Kyoto Protocol, price carbon appropriately or encourage genuine large-scale investment in renewable energy.  As a result, Australia has the highest emissions of planet-changing greenhouse gases of any industrialised country, and they continue to rise.  We still rely on 19th century technology and polluting fossil fuels to power our 21st century lives, and now we are all paying the price.

Our farmers are crippled by drought.  Bush fires are breaking out earlier every year.  We're facing record-breaking heat waves, increasing water scarcity and intensifying cyclones and storms.  Each of us with hopes for our future, or with children and grandchildren who will be left with our mess, must act now.

CSIRO research shows we're on track for average global temperature increases of between 1.4 and 5.8°C in the lifetime of today's newborn child.  Yet a mere 1°C rise is likely to double the number of Australians exposed to floods, while a 2-3°C rise in average global temperature will leave up to 80 per cent of the freshwater wetlands of Kakadu evaporated and up to 97 per cent of the Great Barrier Reef dead and bleached.

The economic costs of doing nothing are greater than we can imagine, while the potential returns of acting now are tremendous.  But first we must overcome the timidity, the blind spots in our vision and smallness in our politics that are holding us back.

If you haven't already seen Al Gore's film, An Inconvenient Truth, go now and tell as many people as you can to join you.  It will leave you awestruck, inspired and determined to be part of the solution.  The groundswell movement begins today.  Let's show them just how hot an issue global warming really is.

Thanks for taking action,
The GetUp team

PS: Help fund this campaignGetUp does not accept government funding and relies solely upon your donations to make our campaigns happen.




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