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Avaaz Says The Climate Mobilization "Wake Up Call" Was Unbelievable

(10/10/09 - O)  Watch the world's reaction - video 

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Avaaz Says Get Involved In Next Monday's Great Global Climate Wake Up Call

(17/9/09 - O)  Five minutes next Monday could save the world - check for an event near you... 

Avaaz members have registered a staggering 1000 events in 88 countries for next Monday's great global climate wake up call!

A thousand events is impressive, but if hundreds of thousands of us come to them on Sept. 21st -- we'll send an historic flood of grass roots messages to world leaders meeting the next day in New York, just in time to revive dangerously flagging climate talks. Click below to RSVP.

Most are very short "flash" events - taking just 5 minutes during our lunch hour or on the way home from work. They're fun, politically powerful, and we can meet other great Avaaz people of all ages and walks of life. No preparation needed -- just come along and bring friends! The planet needs us, let's get together and save it -- click below to find an event nearby:

Leaders and the media are already paying attention to what we're doing on September 21st. And the press is reporting that urgent negotiations on a global deal to stop a climate catastrophe are in shambles - our leaders just aren't making the hard choices needed -- they're feeling more pressure from oil and coal companies than they are from ordinary people concerned about reversing the climate crisis and unleashing a new green economy. Sept. 21st is the moment to change all that.

The events will be easy and fun. Just look for others holding up their cell phones with alarms ringing at the right time, converge, take a picture, and make a wake up call to our leaders. The pictures will be compiled and shown on television and to world leaders to show the strength of our demand, and the phone calls will flood leaders' offices directly.

Not all events are the same -- many Wake-Up Call events are thrilling in their variety -- monks will chant prayers, churches will ring bells, some will show the new cool climate film "Age of Stupid". Click below to find an event nearby, RSVP, and tell friends about it:

Our call is for leaders to sign an ambitious, fair and binding global treaty that will stop a climate catastrophe. Next week is the last time our leaders are scheduled to meet this year on climate! With their negotiations way off track, it really does depend on us. Let's amaze them.

See you on the 21st,

Paul, Iain, Graziela, Ricken, Alice J, Ben, Milena, Brett, Taren, Pascal, Paula, Benji, Alice W, Luis, Raluca, Milena, Veronique, Chris, Margaret, Julius, and the rest of the Avaaz team

PS: Images and videos from the Global Wake-Up Call events will be combined, in a matter of hours, into a short movie to be shown in 700 satellite-linked cinemas at the Age of Stupid's global premiere! The screenings are one night only, September 21 in the US and Sept 22 in 40+ other countries. You can find the screenings right on the Wake-Up Call event map at For more information about the Age of Stupid movie (and to buy tickets), see:

PPS The Global Wake-Up Call is an open, creative day of action which depends on the energy and ingenuity of all of us -- so itís also each one of ours to take and run with. If you think you can involve a leader, well-known public personality or organisation; if you have a theatre, dance or art group which could stage its own eye-catching moment in a public place; if you can ask your church or another institution to ring its bells or want to invite colleagues to join you for a wake-up flashmob at or outside your workplace, or make your own unique contribution to the wake-up call in some other way we haven't even imagined -- go ahead! Donít wait for our approval Ė just register your plan with us by emailing it to 



It's Now Or Never For Climate Change

(29/8/09 - O)  Avaaz asks, tell us if climate should be No. 1 priority. 

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AVAAZ Asks For Help

(24/4/09 - O)  Stop corporate spin!

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Avaaz Asks You To Send A Message To G20

(2/4/09 - O)  Call for economic 'solutions' to consider impacts on poorer nations

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Avaaz Says:  "Make Zimbabwe's Votes Count"

(14/4/08 - O)   On-line petition calling for democracy to be upheld

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