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McEwen Goes For a Recount

(11/12/07 - O)  More nail-biting as votes are counted again, beginning tomorrow

It is now some 17 days since the election but voters in McEwen will have to wait (even) longer to learn who their next Federal representative will be after today's decision to agree to a Liberal party request for a recount.  This follows the Labor candidate finishing, at the completion of the vote count, with only 7 (now 6) votes in hand.   Either way, unless something totally unexpected occurs, McEwen will very definitely be the most marginal seat in Australia.  Which pleases quite a number of Macedon Ranges' locals who, we hear, are drawing up their wish-lists for Federal support and funding as this goes to press.


MRRA Says:

Our kingdom for a faster way of counting votes...


Results Of Federal Election 2007

(4/12/07 - O)  Vote count at snail's pace in McEwen and for Senate

You wouldn't want to be hanging by a fingertip, waiting for votes to be counted in this election!  But that's exactly what is happening for people like Fran Bailey and Robert Mitchell in McEwen, and Senate candidates, as vote counting crawls into its second week.  There isn't even an end in sight as yet for the seat of McEwen, which is still poised on a knife edge (with Fran Bailey some 142 votes ahead as at 3/12/07 with, incredibly, still almost another 10,000 votes yet to be counted (according to the Australian Electoral Commission's website today  Most postal and pre-poll votes have been counted; the main hold-up is counting results from Absent and Provisional votes.  To see counts for the type of vote cast go to


For the electorate of Bendigo (won by Steve Gibbons, Labor), you can find equivalent information on (first preferences and two party preferred), (vote types), and (votes still to be counted).


As for the Senate, with the proportional vote counting system as complicated as they come, primary votes are still being counted.  Yesterday first postal vote results were included for Victoria, but there are still primary votes in pre-polls, absent and provisional to come and the start of the hellish distribution of preferences still seems days away.  Information on primary vote counts and current quotas is available on and votes by type on 


You can see Senate results for each booth in McEwen and Bendigo



Special Feature:

2007 Federal Election

(Candidates, preferences, contact points, polling and early voting places)



15/10/07 - O)  If You Haven't Registered To Vote by 8pm WEDNESDAY, 17 OCTOBER, You Will Miss Out

Now that an election has been called, because of changes the Federal government made to electoral laws since the last Federal election, if you are not enrolled by 8 pm Wednesday 17 October, you won't get a vote.  To register to vote, go to the Australian Electoral Commission's website:


Please also read the AEC's media release below, issued 14 October 2007, regarding a correction to closing dates and times.


"The Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) unfortunately provided incorrect advice to the Prime Minister that Monday 22 October 2007 was the date for close of rolls, for a writ issued on Wednesday 17 October.


In further checks today the AEC has identified a public holiday (Show Day) on Flinders Island (Tasmania).  As this is a full day official public holiday it necessitates that the close of rolls deadline be moved a day to 8pm Tuesday 23 October 2007. 


The AEC has written to the Prime Minister this afternoon to apologise for this error.


If you are not on the electoral roll and you are an Australian citizen 18 years of age and over, you must complete an enrolment form and return it to the AEC by 8pm Wednesday 17 October 2007.


If you are already on the roll but need to update your address details, you must do this by 8pm Tuesday 23 October 2007.


The AEC's television advertising campaign commences this evening and will publicise the enrolment deadlines through to end of the close of rolls period.


For further information on enrolment deadlines and the 2007 federal election timetable, visit


Media contacts:

Phil Diak

Director Media and Communication Strategy

Ph. (02) 6271 4415

Mobile: 0413 452 539"


To check if you are enrolled, go to the Australian Electoral Commission website,