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World Wildlife Fund: Orang-utan Appeal

(11/7/11 - E ) WWF asks if you can donate to save rain forest habitat 


Here's what WWF is saying.  Click on the link to go to the WWF web page:


"As you know, orang-utans are being pushed to the brink of extinction. Orang-utan numbers have fallen to less than 14% of what they were in the 1950s.


The biggest threat is the loss of their natural habitat due to industrial scale deforestation, forest fires, mining interests and conversion to oil palm plantations.


In the last century, around 80% of suitable orang-utan habitat has disappeared. That is a catastrophe!


Please show your support for WWF and the orang-utan today


The world's insatiable demand for palm oil is one major factor in the orang-utans decline. It is estimated that palm oil is present in more than 40% of packaged products on our supermarket shelves today.


Grown sustainably, palm oil can be produced in an environmentally friendly way. We're working with Australian businesses with palm oil in their products, to move to using certified sustainable palm oil.


The huge demand for unsustainable palm oil is placing an unbearable strain on the remaining rainforests not least in Borneo. And, as the forests disappear, the orang-utan inches closer and closer to extinction.


Please help us act now to avoid disaster. The orang-utan can be saved."



World Wildlife Fund [WWF] "Living Planet" Magazine Now Available

(8/8/10 - E)   WWF reference guide for the Federal election 

This issue of the World Wildlife Fund's "Living Planet" magazine (download available for free) provides voters with a reference guide for the upcoming Federal election.


WWF is campaigning for '11 priority environmental asks' and is looking for your support.  You can access "Living Planet", the 'asks' and information about sending a letter to political party leaders and your local candidates, and more information by going to



Montara Oil Field Leak - World Wildlife Fund Asks For Your Help

(30/10/09 - E)  Can you help WWF head off a toxic environmental disaster by contributing towards the cost of the research and investigation currently underway? 

Click here for more information...



World Wildlife Fund:  2 Poles + 2 Degrees = 2 Much

(24/4/09 - E)  Arctic and Antarctic Alert

Greg Bourne, CEO of WWF - Australia, says:

Please watch my video and help us make a difference. There is no other way. Ours is the generation that must act. Two degrees rise in temperature, at the two poles, is way, way too much.



Latest Edition Of World Wildlife Fund "Futuremakers" Email Bulletin

(6/10/08 - E)   October celebrates 30 years of WWF in Australia - you can subscribe to receive it, for free!

Do you have an interest in what's going on environmentally-speaking?  World Wildlife Fund (Australia) provides free, regular email bulletins, and the October one has just been released.  Some of the features are:


       PHOTOS: Best Science Images of 2008 Announced (National Geographic)


 News from WWF-Australia and around the world.

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