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Last Updated 30/10/09



Council Weed Strategy Out For Consultation Until 25 September

(29/8/09 - E)  Public Information Session on 15th September

An important document - click here for details.



Check Out Councilís Draft Weed Strategy

(31/3/05 - C) Comments in by 1st April.

Council has produced a draft weed strategy which has been on exhibition for a few weeks.   Your opportunity to comment closes on Friday, April 1st.  Although bulky (83 pages), the draft strategy appears to be a competent, comprehensive document which identifies weeds, problems and potential solutions in Macedon Ranges, and provides a framework for action.  All of us contribute to on-going degradation of our rural land and bush through what we plant, and what we allow to keep growing.  We are always complaining about what others donít do, but as a community we need to also recognise and better understand our own responsibilities.  The draft Weed Strategy looks at the whole picture and makes recommendations for actions that could make a difference.  Check it out at Councilís website