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Toxic Dump At Hattah Nowingi:  Save The Food Bowl Alliance Says State Government Has Double Standards on Carbon Sinks and Sequestration

(19/8/06 - E)  "Yes, we have no bananas" scenario as State supports sequestration but wants toxic waste dump that takes sequestration backwards

Click here for the Save The Food Bowl's press release



Hattah Nowingi Bulletin

(16/7/06 - E)  Latest toxic waste dump news from Mildura

To get the latest on the Hattah-Nowingi waste dump proposal from Mildura Rural City Council, go to:



Hattah Nowingi Toxic Dump:  Mildura Council Calls Summit For Calder Mayors Last Weekend

(20/6/06 - E) No certainty over whether toxic waste will be transported by road - or rail

Mildura Rural City called an extraordinary summit of mayors along the Calder freeway and Melbourne - Mildura Rail corridors last Sunday.  The Toxic Waste Dump proposed by the State government near Mildura is currently under review through an Environment Effects Statement process.  The Mayor of Mildura says his area doesn't want the dump, and it also raises issues for municipalities between Melbourne and Mildura.  He says most of the councils attending had already passed resolutions expressing concerns about the transport of waste through their communities.


MRRA Says:

How about Macedon Ranges?  Has our Council done anything such as expressing concerns with or opposition to the transport of toxic waste through our ice-prone Shire?  Did it fly the "Natural Justice - No Toxic Dump" flag recently offered to affected  Councils?  Did it make a submission to the EES currently underway in Mildura?


MRRA's understanding is that the answer to all of the above is 'No'.  Our question is 'If so, why'? 


On another related matter, Mildura Rural City recently took the composition of EES panel members hearing submissions for the Hattah Nowingi proposal to VCAT.  MRC alleged bias on the part of the Panel Chair, Mr. Bill Russell, and also challenged his appointment by Secretary of the Department of Sustainability and Environment, Mr Lyndsay Nielson, when Mr. Russell had little previous panels' experience and his selection overturned a recommendation from head of Planning Panels Victoria, Ms. Kathy Mitchell. 


VCAT chief Justice Stuart Morris found no bias but noted:


"It may be thought desirable that PPV be an entity independent of the executive branch of government and that the Chief Panel Member have statutory authority to appoint members of a panel to consider a particular proposal. If that was the case, then the conduct of the Secretary of the department would have been intolerable. But PPV is not independent from the Department of Sustainability and Environment; it is part of that department. And, significantly, the task of appointing persons to be members of a panel to consider a particular proposal is a task that the Parliament has vested in the Minister for Planning, not the Chief Panel Member. Although it is true that the Minister for Planning may delegate this power (and has delegated this power), it has always remained the case that the Minister has the right to appoint a panel himself."



Hattah Nowingi Toxic Dump: Locals Going Victoria-Wide On Denial Of Natural Justice

(30/5/06 - E) EES Social Impact Study finds locals feel disenfranchised by not being included in processes

Opponents of the toxic dump are back in force, and literally flying the flag for natural justice. Click here for the latest bulletin.


MRRA Says:

Disenfranchised?  That's how a lot of people in Victoria are feeling these days.



Calder Residents’ “Submission Kits” for Hattah Nowingi Toxic Waste Dump EES

(10/12/05 – SG) Available from Independent MP Dianne Hadden’s office   NOTE:  Submissions close Friday 16th December

If you want to make a submission on the Environment Effects Statement for the State government’s Hattah Nowingi Toxic Waste Dump proposal, independent MP Dianne Hadden has prepared ‘submission kits’ to help residents get their point across.  The kit is full of useful and helpful tips for getting a good submission in.  Click here to see the front page of the kit.  For further information or to obtain a kit, please contact Dianne Hadden MP, MLC for Ballarat Province, Member of the Victorian Parliament Law Reform Committee, 2 Peel Street South, Ballarat, 3350.  Telephone 03 5332 2405, Fax 03 5333 3109, Email



Independent MLC Dianne Hadden Calls On Communities To Make Submissions on Hattah-Nowingi Toxic Waste Dump EES

(24/10/05 – E) Time to make submissions extended

Click here for Dianne Hadden’s media release



Toxic Waste Dump EES In Short Supply

(12/10/05 – E) Locals say it’s hard to comment without one

Community demand for copies of the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) into the proposed toxic waste dump at Hattah-Nowingi has out-stripped supply. The Bracks Government released the EES in Melbourne on Friday, and by this morning (Monday October 10), there were no hard copies remaining in Mildura. Members of the Save the Food Bowl Alliance have expressed concern that the shortage of documentation will impede the community's ability to meet the six week deadline for submissions. Click on the link to read more:



Calder ‘No Toxic Waste’ Campaign

(7/10/05 – E) Environment Effects Statement (EES) for Hattah/Nowingi Site To Be Released Today UPDATE 2:  EES Report gives Hattah-Nowingi the go-ahead (7/10/05 – E)  Report already described as "Codswollop"

Here’s what Mildura Rural City has to say about the State government’s EES finding that the toxic dump is OK (which will see some 15 – 20 trucks of toxic waste per day travelling along the Calder Freeway – including through Macedon Ranges Shire):


The fight against the proposed toxic waste dump entered a crucial stage today, with the Bracks Government releasing the Environmental Effects Statement (EES).   Major Projects Minister John Lenders launched the EES in Melbourne this morning, three weeks after he was met by a massive protest and blockade during a visit to Mildura.


Copies of the bulky EES report and four volumes of supporting documents were quickly snapped up when they were made available in Mildura.  A condensed summary of the report is also available.


An impromptu rally developed just after midday, where those assembled were told that today was effectively “Day One” in the fight against the toxic waste dump. The community has just six weeks to make submissions on the EES, which will be heard by a panel.


The report has already been described as “codswollop” – and has outraged property owners neighbouring the site.  The summary document concludes that the dump:


“.. can be developed and operated in an environmentally, socially and economically acceptable manner, and without any significant impacts…”


The dump has the potential to slash $40 million from the local economy, costing 232 jobs due to its impact on agriculture and tourism.  The proposed dump site is 20 kilometres from the Murray River, prime horticultural and viticultural production and two national parks.


Members of the community have been urged to obtain copies of the report and to make submissions.  Copies are available from the Department of Sustainability and Environment in Koorlong Avenue, Irymple, or by contacting Major Projects Victoria on 1800 440902.   See Mildura Rural City Website for more information



Calder ‘No Toxic Waste’ Campaign

(7/10/05 – E) Environment Effects Statement (EES) for Hattah/Nowingi Site To Be Released Today UPDATE 1 (7/10/05 – E) Reaction to EES is Protest

The Save the Food Bowl Alliance is organising an impromptu "gathering" at the office of Member for Mildura Russell Savage at 12.30 pm today, following the release of the EES by the Bracks Government this morning.  Metropolitan television news crews are expected to be in attendance.  For more information contact Mildura Rural City Council, phone 50188154 or 0417 567006, website



Calder ‘No Toxic Waste’ Campaign

(7/10/05 – E) Environment Effects Statement for Hattah/Nowingi Site To Be Released Today

The Bracks Government will release the Environmental Effects Statement (EES) for the proposed Toxic Waste Dump at Hattah/Nowingi at a press conference at Parliament House in Melbourne at 10.15 this morning.  Members of the Save the Food Bowl Alliance and other interested members of the community will gather at the Mildura Business Centre, 150 Pine Avenue Mildura at 10.15 this morning to await the release of hard copies of the document.  For more information contact Mildura Rural City Council, phone 50188154 or 0417 567006, website



‘Country Jobs Don’t Matter’

(8/9/05 – E) Silent Vigil On Parliament House Steps Mourns Toxic Waste Job Losses

A silent vigil by protesters dressed in black and carrying 232 candles was held on the steps of State Parliament today to protest the number of jobs that could be lost in the Sunraysia region if the State Government goes ahead with the planned toxic waste dump at Hattah-Nowingi. Chairman of the Save the Food Bowl Alliance (SFBA) Peter Crisp said 232 jobs equated to 0.5 per cent of the Sunraysia population and would have a major impact on the region's horticulture, agriculture and tourism industries.  “232 jobs equated to 0.5 per cent of the Sunraysia population: "If a single government action put at risk 17,500 jobs in Melbourne - 0.5 per cent of Melbourne's population - it would be a major issue. However, because we are country, it doesn't seem to matter.”  For more information, click on the following link:



No Toxic Waste Dump Campaign :  Mildura Rural City Applies for Federal Funding

(31/8/05 – E) Threatened Species’ Network Funding

Mildura Rural City Council has made an application to the Federal Minister for Environment and Heritage, Hon Ian Campbell, for funding under the Threatened Species Network (TSN) program.  More than 230 on-ground conservation projects have been funded through the Threatened Species Network Community Grants Program, enabling community groups right across Australia to help save threatened species.  The program is a joint initiative of the WWF Australia and the Federal Government's Natural Heritage Trust. “We see a great opportunity for the Threatened Species Network community grants program to play a key role in protecting and encouraging threatened species at the Hattah-Nowingi site,” Mildura Mayor Peter Byrne said. Cr Byrne said a comprehensive outline of the “Near Threatened” species and environmental assets of Nowingi were included in the Council’s application. “Endangered species such as the Malleefowl, Emu-wren, the Regent Parrot, and the Greater Long-eared Bat will be pushed to the brink of extinction if the Victorian Government succeeds in its proposal to build a toxic waste dump in pristine Mallee at Hattah,” he said.  To See Mildura Rural City Website click on the following link:



No Toxic Waste Dump Campaign: Call For 300 People To Attend 8th September Rally At Parliament House

(1/8/05 – E) Silent vigil to mourn job losses in Mildura region if the Hattah-Nowingi toxic dump goes ahead

Another No Mallee Toxic Waste Dump Campaign action will be held on 8th September, 2005 starting at 12.30pm on the steps of Parliament House in Melbourne.   The program timing is: 12.30pm – gather on steps; 1 – 2 pm silent vigil.  Mildura Rural City is organizing the action and is calling for 300 people to attend.   All of those able to be there are being asked to wear only black clothing.  A red armband will be handed out by campaign volunteers on the day.  The silent vigil is a representation of the jobs that will be lost to the Mildura region as a result of the economic impact of having the toxic dump at Hattah-Nowingi.   Mildura Council ask you to contact Deborah Banks, Communications Officer, Mildura Rural City Council, ASAP if you can make it.  Telephone: (03) 5018 8154 or 0417 567 006, Facsimile: (03) 5021 3589, Email:  Website: http:/



What Price A Toxic Waste Dump?

(26/8/05 – E) $40 million plus agricultural and tourism losses are latest shock


A $40.4 million economic loss to Sunraysia's agriculture and tourism sectors is being accepted as necessary in order to provide Victoria with a toxic waste dump.


Save the Food Bowl Alliance Chairman Peter Crisp was responding to verbal presentations by Major Projects Victoria consultants on the yet-to-be-released Economic Impact study, or "McKinna Report".  An Open Air Public Meeting is being held (today) in response to the early release of some figures contained within Dr Andrew McKinna's Economic Impact Study done as part of the Environmental Effects Statement process currently underway.


Among other things, the study predicts the likely elimination of the table grape and citrus industries should the dump go ahead.

 It also forecasts:


An economic output loss to Sunraysia of $34.2 million in the first year of the dump's operation

.      $17 million value added loss

.      $6.9 million income loss to workers

.      232 jobs lost


An economic output loss to Sunraysia of $40.4 million in the second year of the dump's operation

.      $17 million value added loss

.      $6.9 million income loss to workers

.      276 jobs


For more information, click on the following link:



“No Toxic Calder” Bulletin No. 6 Now Out

(15/8/05 – E) The latest No Toxic Calder Bulletin has been placed on the Mildura Rural City Council website.

Highlights include:


.      Rail not ruled out for toxic transport

.      Ballarat the latest public meeting for No Toxic Calder Roadshow

.      Why the environmental risks are too high for Hattah-Nowingi


Click on the following link to find out more and download the Bulletin:



“No Toxic Calder” Captures Imagination of Schoolchildren – Latest from Rural City of Mildura

(15/8/05 – E) Winners of the Toxic Monster Art Competition are being asked to come forward to accept their prizes this week.

More than 100 entries from local children have been judged by local artist Alice Gove and Nangiloc/Colignan Primary School Principal Eric Wright. Winning entries in each age category and those that received an Encouragement Award have been laminated for posterity. For more information, click on the following link:



No Toxic Waste Roadshow Rolls Into Ballarat August 5th

(31/7/05 – E) Marginal Seats Campaign Continues

The No Toxic Calder Roadshow is going to Ballarat in a bid to further its marginal seats campaign, underway since May this year when volunteers travelled the length of the Calder Highway between Mildura and Bendigo.  A bus for residents wishing to attend the latest Roadshow in Ballarat will leave Mildura next Friday (August 5, 2005), providing there is enough demand.  Save The Food Bowl Alliance Chairman Peter Crisp said a 50-seat bus would be chartered for Mildura to Ballarat and same day return. For more information, click on the following link:



No Toxic Waste Campaign

(18/7/05 – E) Upcoming Performance In Melbourne

Mildura Rural City Council advises that “Nowingi, circa 2080slash81” will be performed in Monash Student Theatre, Monash University, Clayton from Thursday July 28th until Saturday August 6th at 8pm.  Click here for details.



Latest News from Mildura City Council re Toxic Waste Dump

(14/7/05 – E) Sunraysia Daily says “Government has no toxic waste reduction target”

Click here to see Sunraysia Daily article.



Latest Toxic Waste Bulletin

(8/7/05 – E) Now available from City of Mildura Website

The latest "No Toxic Calder" bulletin has been placed on the Mildura Rural City Council website.  Highlights include:



For the Bulletin and more information: Go to then click Hattah, Too Big A Risk, then click No Toxic Calder Bulletin, then click No Toxic Calder Bulletin #5 (4th July 2005)



No Toxic Waste Campaign Celebration

(8/7/05 – E) Mildura Rural City Council notice of celebration of first anniversary of campaign

“A mini-indoor market to celebrate our food bowl and acknowledge the one-year anniversary of the No Mallee Toxic Waste Dump campaign will be held at the Red Cliffs Civic Centre next Wednesday (13 July, 2005) from 3pm until 9pm.  The celebration is being organised by the Save The Food Bowl Alliance in partnership with Mildura Rural City Council to remind all residents of the livelihoods we are all fighting to protect.  It will also serve as an update to the community on how the campaign is going and how residents can continue to be involved. The celebration will run from 3pm until 9pm with presentation updates at 3.30pm and 7.30pm by the Save the Food Bowl Alliance and Mildura Rural City Council.” For more information, go to the Mildura Rural City Council website or contact Deborah Banks, Communications Officer, Mildura Rural City Council, Telephone: (03) 5018 8154 or 0417 567 006, Email:  Facsimile: (03) 5021 3589



Toxic Waste To Be ‘Wrapped Safely’ In Concrete

(3/7/05 – E) Ah, that makes us feel better… Or does it?

MRRA has heard a report that, in order to give people more confidence about safety issues surrounding the Bracks government’s proposal to ship toxic waste along the Calder corridor (the very same corridor the government seems to have earmarked for huge population growth), the toxic waste is now proposed to be ‘wrapped’ in concrete before shipment.   Hmm…  Apart from wondering about how ‘safe’ the waste was without ‘wrapping’, we hear that because of the weight of the concrete, instead of just 10 trucks of toxic waste per day (which people have already rejected as too many), 16 trucks a day will now be required to travel along the Calder corridor.



Toxic Waste: Public Meeting 16th June In Gisborne

(2/6/05 – E) Rural City of Mildura and The Save The Food Bowl Alliance welcome members of the public to attend Gisborne information session.



Macedon Ranges’ Councillors Henry Bleeck, Marty Evans and Helen Relph Support Shipping Toxic Waste Through Shire

(31/5/05 – E) Not dangerous, proposal just not ‘sold’ well by government.

At last Wednesday’s Council meeting (25th May), Cr. Rob Guthrie put up a motion opposing transport of toxic waste through the Shire. In an interesting result, Councillors Bleeck, Evans and Relph voted against the motion.   We wonder how Crs. Bleeck and Relph would have voted if the toxic waste was proposed to be shipped along the road to Romsey or across Mt. Macedon…



Toxic Waste – Will It Make It Through Macedon Ranges?

(9/5/05 – E) Nothing is safe on black ice.

At least five truckloads of toxic waste are proposed to be shipped through Macedon Ranges every day if the Bracks government’s proposed toxic waste dump at Hattah-Nowingi goes ahead.   Before making a decision, the government should consider how the Calder behaves in Macedon Ranges.  The old Calder Highway was a killer, claiming victims with sickening regularity.  The new Calder Freeway is a safer road technically: road surfaces and gradients, curves, drainage and carriageway separation.  But even the new road doesn’t eliminate black ice, a feature that has caused or contributed to the death and injury of so many.  Yes, the new freeway has heated bridges and warning lights, but this area is still the top of the Great Dividing Range, and is prone to snow, ice and cold spots.  Toxic waste and black ice don’t mix, particularly in an area of such high environmental sensitivity where any accident could take a high toll.