Posted 17/9/07


Victoria's river red gums need your help


Dear friends


The River red gum forests of northern Victoria are severely stressed by the years of drought and over-extraction of water, and are the subject of an investigation by the Victorian Environment Assessment Council (VEAC).


You may be aware that the lower Campaspe is included in the study area, so the results of the investigation directly affect your river!


Environment Victoria believes that VEAC's recommendations will provide real benefits for the red gum forests and is very supportive of their proposals for new national parks and for providing the trees with the drink they so desperately need. 


But VEAC needs public support to take their proposals to government and make them reality.


So if you would like to see the red gum forests flourish, please take a few minutes to use our handy submission form at (go to Get Active from the Home Page) and let VEAC know that you support their proposals.




Juliet Le Feuvre

Healthy Rivers Campaigner

Environment Victoria


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