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Victorian National Parks Association Newsletter Says Numberplates Won't Save 'Karak'

(5/4/06 - E)  "The Bracks government  continues to kill our native plants and animals by failing to deliver its promise of a 'net gain' in Victoria's native vegetation."

As experts become more familiar with the Bracks government's removal of protection for native vegetation, the worse the outlook becomes for our native wildlife and bush.  Click here to see the VNPA newsletter.



Environment Victoria Calls For Help On Loss Of Native Vegetation Protection

(28/3/06 - E)  Tell your State MP government's roll back of protection, buckling to developers, is not acceptable

Click here for more information



Bracks Government Sells Out On Native Vegetation Protection

(18/3/06 - E)  Goodbye remnant vegetation and native wildlife, hello bricks and concrete: new "BushBrokers" scheme and changes to State planning policy are set to break the bush - government gives green light for developers to 'knock it down'


MRRA Says:


This is a disgrace, and an absolute heart-breaker.  Say goodbye to the bush - and native wildlife - because the State Labor government has just come down on the side of those who want to rip it out.  It is claimed that guidelines for the so-called Native Vegetation Framework were too complicated, so the government simplified things by simply throwing them away.  Now everything is 'flexible'!  And we all know what 'flexible' means: open slather.  Is it going too far to say the Victorian community has had about as much 'flexibility' as it can stomach in the past 10 years?  MRRA's experience is that 'flexibility' is a euphemism for 'favouritism', with developers the winners, community and environment the losers. 


The State government has just changed - by Ministerial amendment - Clause 52.17 Native Vegetation provisions (in all Victorian planning schemes).  GONE from that Clause's Decision Guidelines are requirements that decision-makers must consider the goal of net gain (that more vegetation is planted than is removed) and the role of native vegetation in conserving flora and fauna, and providing shade and shelter.  


Also gone is the need to retain native vegetation:

where ground slopes are more than 20%,
within 30 metres of a wetland or waterway,
where groundwater recharge occurs,
on land subject to or which may contribute to soil erosion, slippage or salinisation,
on land where the soil or sub-soil may become unstable if cleared,
in a proclaimed water supply catchment,
in areas where removal, destruction or lopping could jeopardise the integrity or long term preservation of any identified site of scientific, nature conservation or cultural significance,
if it is rare or supports rare species of fauna or flora,
that forms part of a wildlife corridor. 

It seems it is no longer State policy that native vegetation needs to be retained in these important - if not critical - circumstances. 


The government has however been very generous to those wishing to take advantage of these changes - permits issued under Property Vegetation Plans will have a life of 10 years rather than the usual 2 years for most permits.  Wouldn't 10 years make a fair sort of difference to the size and quality of native vegetation?  Or doesn't that matter?


Click here to see how the government's short-sighted decision to put what developers want before what our environment needs has broken the heart of someone who has been fighting for years to save our native vegetation.  We first received an email about BushBrokers, then another about changes to State planning policy.  The author's despair is obvious...



Environment Victoria Renews Calls for Submissions to Save the Native Vegetation Framework and Guidelines

(1/11/05 – E) EV meeting with Environment Minister Thwaites:  Framework Guidelines to be ‘simplified’

Click here to see the latest EV bulletin


Here’s what we received from Environment Victoria:


“This Update follows on from the summit on Melbourne's threatened native vegetation and clearing controls, recently held by Environment Victoria and the Victorian National Parks Association.  It also follows on from last Friday's meeting between environment groups and Minister Thwaites.  Of great concern, State Government now risks undermining the Native Vegetation Framework, through yet another process of re-drafting and "simplifying" the Operational Guidelines for its implementation. We need your help to ensure that the Guidelines are effectively implemented and are not watered-down. At the same time the exemptions review process provides Government with an opportunity to control widespread clearing that is currently exempt from the statewide clearing controls.   We urge you to be involved in a concerted lobbying and letter / submission writing campaign to encourage Government to effectively implement its own native vegetation policy.”



Make A Submission Calling For The Bracks Government To Not Ditch Native Vegetation Framework Guidelines

(24/10/05 – P) Is the government really fair dinkum on sustainability, or is it just playing at protection?

MRRA has received a media release issued jointly by Environment Victoria, the Green Wedge Coalition and the Victorian National Parks Association – click here to see it.


NOTE TO MACEDON RANGES’ RESIDENTS:  This affects you.  The same Native Vegetation Framework (and Guidelines) apply in Macedon Ranges.  The guidelines provide some protection for native vegetation affected by development proposals and have the potential to influence planning scheme amendments where land is being considered for residential development.  Otherwise, there is none.  For more information, contact Environment Victoria through their website:



Outcomes of Native Vegetation Summit Last Sunday

(7/10/05 – E) Urgent Action Needed:  Help Environment Victoria Help Victoria’s Native Vegetation

Draft outcomes from the urgent Native Vegetation Framework Summit held last Sunday are now available, and the call is for urgent lobbying action.   Here’s what you can do:


Please write and visit local Labor MPs or Upper House Labor MPs especially in Monbulk, Gembrook, Macedon Ranges, Kilsyth, Hastings, Maryborough.

Urge State Government to fully implement the Guidelines for the native vegetation management framework, and not to weaken them (relative to the Exposure Draft)


We are advised that any photos and examples of valuable remnant vegetation with about half or more exotic ground cover would be really helpful to us.  We want to argue against a weaker threshold for defining native vegetation.  Please email to Andrew Booth ( or Karen Alexander (  To see draft Summary of Outcomes, click here



Emergency Summit Called On Native Vegetation Framework Guidelines: Sunday 2 October, 11.00am - 3.00pm

(29/9/05 – P) The State government is stalling on introducing the guidelines and there are fears the government will buckle to developer pressure and weaken standards for protecting native vegetation if people who care don’t speak out now   UPDATE (1/10/05 – P):  Agenda & directions now available

MRRA has received a notice from Environment Victoria of a meeting to be held next Sunday (2nd October) in response to State Government stalling on the implementation of new native vegetation clearing guidelines.   While the summit focuses on the impacts of not having the guidelines or having weakened guidelines in the Melbourne metropolitan area, you need to remember these same guidelines – and Native Vegetation Framework – also apply in Macedon Ranges.  The summit will be held on Sunday 2 October, 11.00am - 3.00pm, at the Green Building, 60 Leicester St, Carlton.  For more information, please contact Environment Victoria on 03 9341 8100 (phone), or (email).   Click here to see Environment Victoria Bulletin.