Posted 21/2/09


Open Day - Holden Flora and Fauna Reserve, Sunbury


Open Day at Holden Flora & Fauna Reserve - Sunbury


When: Sunday 5 April 2009 @ 10:30am


Where: Holden Flora & Fauna Reserve, end of The Strand, Sunbury (Melway 382 F9)


Details: Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork, together with Parks Victoria and Melbourne Water, invite you to explore this little-known 96ha Reserve, which is adjacent to Jacksons Creek.


The Reserve was set up to preserve threatened species of the local area and it harbours among others Platypus, Peregrine Falcon, Growling Grass Frog and the Earless Dragon. It also contains highly significant remnant native grasslands, grassy woodlands and scrubland and has spectacular geological sites along Jacksons Creek.


Activities at the Open Day: there will be guides to explain the Aboriginal heritage, as well as the precious local fauna and flora, and to conduct you around the Reserve’s beautiful geological formations. Come and see these, plus the work being undertaken by Melbourne Water and Parks Victoria to restore and preserve this area. 


Cost: FREE, BBQ lunch provided


More info: for catering purposes please RSVP to Christina Cheers (Jacksons Creek EcoNetwork – Chair), tel: 9744 1923, email: