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The REAL Forest Debate - November 24

(14/11/10 - E)  Environment East Gippsland asks pollies where they stand on logging native vegetation in Victoria

Environment East Gippsland is currently being pursued through the courts by the Department of Sustainability and Environment relating to the government's attempts to unlawfully log (see media release), but is taking time off to hold a debate on logging in Victoria on November 24.  All welcome.  Click here for details. 



State Govt Move Opens Door For Logging In Wombat and Cobaw Forests

(8/8/10 - E)  Locals fire up to save forests - again.  Call to action - join CAWFAG

The State Minister for Environment's recent announcement that VicForest will take over the Wombat and Cobaw State Forests - potentially opening them up for logging again - has caused a furore.  Both forests were previously logged (almost into the ground) with the timber harvested primarily used for wood chips. Four years ago, after CAWFAG (Cobaw and Wombat Forest Action Group) ran a hugely successful anti-logging campaign, the logging (and wood chipping) stopped.   CAWFAG was put reluctantly put into mothballs, with the fervent hope it would never be needed again. 


After the Minister's announcement, key figures in CAWFAG called a meeting in Woodend, attended by about 60 people.  That meeting saw the reincarnation of CAWFAG, now needed again to oppose the State government's treacherous shift of policy.


You can support CAWFAG by becoming a member:  email or call 0418 547 855.


Click here for contact details for Joanne Duncan MP (Macedon) and Geoff Howard (Ballarat East).



Meeting 23 July In Woodend As State Government Says "Log It"

(15/7/10 - E)  Another broken promise.  Locals gear up to fight resumption of logging in Wombat & Cobaw Forests 



A local group has formed to fight the resumption of logging in the Wombat and Cobaw Forests following a recent announcement by Minister for Environment, Gavin Jennings, that it would recommence. 


A few years ago there was outrage at logging these forests for woodchips, and CAWFAG (Cobaw and Wombat Forest Action Group) was formed, with thousands of members.  There is outrage again now as the State government goes back on its word that logging was off the menu in the Wombat and Cobaw forests.


There will be a meeting at the Woodend Community Centre, 23rd July, 8.00pm - all welcome.   Click here for more information from the flyer the group has sent out.


The group is also calling for community support in the form of telephoning, faxing, emailing, 'snail mailing' or visiting the offices of our State Lower House politicians (both Labor) and voicing concerns in the most determined manner, and letting them know this will be an election issue in Macedon Ranges!


You can also lobby the Opposition parties and ask what their policy is on this matter.


Letters to local and Melbourne papers are also encouraged.


Click here for contact details for Joanne Duncan MP (Macedon) and Geoff Howard (Ballarat East).



Supreme Court win for Brown Mountain (Grounds For an injunction stopping the Victorian government logging old growth forests), but the East Gippsland group now must find a huge amount of money.  They need help.

(17/9/09 - O)  How just is justice? 

Read what Sheila Newman of Candobetter says:


Brown Mountain: What price justice?

Posted September 14th, 2009 by Sheila Newman

On Monday 14th September, the Victorian Supreme Court found grounds for an injunction to stop the Victorian Government from logging old-growth Brown Mountain forest. In an appalling trend, however, the court asked for the complainant to deposit a huge sum of money as an indemnity for VicForests before it applies the law. The complainant is the small but incredibly brave group of volunteers - Environment East Gippsland (EEG). EEG is all that stands between the reduction of Victoria's remaining old growth forest - our Eden - to below 8 %, heading towards zero.

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The Government should be defending our forests, yet we have to defend them against our rogue Victorian government.

Please dig deeply into your pockets for EEG and for justice and for Mother Nature.


Breaking news:


Judge Forrest: Brown Mountain injunction case in public interest

Posted September 16th, 2009 by Sheila Newman

More detail has come to light in the matter of costs that might be imposed on parties. It seems that the judge, whose name is actually Jack Forrest, recognises biodiversity preservation - which this injunction application is about - to be a matter of public interest, which would mean that the complainants are unlikely to be made to wear harsh costs. This is a development on this story, "Brown Mountain: What price justice?" where it seemed to me that the costs would be high for the complainants. That was probably an error. Let's hope for a very good result here.



Victorian Government About To Decimate Victorian Forests

(29/8/09 - O)  CanDoBetter asks: can you help?

Click here for more information.



Act Now!  Call For Protection of Brown Mountain in East Gippsland's Old Growth Forests

(28/11/08 - SG)  Wilderness Society "Grass Roots In Suits #2":  Rally At Parliament House Steps, Tuesday 2 December 12.30pm

The Wilderness Society says:

Here is a photo of the current logging:


current logging


We need to remind Mr Brumby again during the last week of parliament in 2008 that logging then burning our forests releases much of the 1000+ tonnes of carbon they can store per hectare, contributing to climate change.

After the successful rally at parliament on 7th November against the Brumby government's logging of  Brown Mountain national estate old growth forest, there are some signs they may react to public concern and stop it.


WHAT:  Another "suits and skirts" action protest, calm and orderly. Bring a mobile phone if you have one as we will all be calling the Premier


WHERE:  Steps of Parliament House Melbourne, top end of Bourke St.


WHEN: 12.30pm, Tuesday 2nd December


WHY:   To highlight that Melbourne city people care about old growth forests, and to draw attention to the outrageous logging of Brown Mountain.


Parliament will sit on the day at 2pm, so we may get some MP's out to our protest (last week of parliament for the year)

We will be calling Premier Brumby's number again on our mobiles all at one time to ask he pull the dozers out.
This is a visual action to show the media and government and public that there are professional people out there who are equally as concerned about our forests. A lot of the focus is normally on young people up trees, but this is a new image that should draw attention to the issue. Suits, skirts and well-dressed people are the action.

Please bring friends and pass this on to interested people.

For more information on the action call Peter Campbell 0409 417 504 or Luke Chamberlain 9038 0812

For more information on Brown Mountain, photos of the unique area, broken government promises and more photos of logging in progress:



"Strzelecki Stomp" July 27 To Save The Forest Cores And Links

(16/7/08 - P)  Come and see what is planned for this special area - the 'deal' between Hancock Victorian Plantations and the Victorian Government where the community was excluded from the final negotiations.

Friends of Bass Valley Bush Inc are inviting everyone to come along on 27 July to see what Hancock and the Government have planned for the Strzeleckis: what is $5.5 million of taxpayers' money buyingI  Click here for more information, or you can email Friends of Bass Bush



Wilderness Society Calls For Urgent Action Over Logging Of Styx Forest In Tasmania

(14/12/07 - E)  Send an email today asking for sanity to prevail

Click here for details