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Kamarooka Field Day: "Saltbush, Lamb and Carbon" - increasing productivity from saline land  April 23

(26/3/08 - E) The Kamarooka farm forestry project won a National Landcare award*.  Here's an invitation from Northern United Forestry Group to attend a field day at the famed Kamarooka Project


Here's the message MRRA received:


"A lot of us are tired of the spin we are now forced to participate in within the world of salinity management in Australia. It seems on so many fronts that we are more concerned with marketing than good science. Many people have said this to me over the past few months.


A few short years ago we had one of the best science based salinity programs in the world, now all of that seems to be lying behind us. Today we seem more concerned with survival than the excitement that comes from acquiring new knowledge. We need to show some leadership in turning this around.


If you agree with me, or even if you don't, maybe you should come and listen to the experiences of an exciting community based organisation dedicated to some good science in Central Victoria. The Northern United Forestry Group is holding a Field Day at Kamarooka on April 23 2008 and it would be so good if you could come and see the things we have managed to achieve in just a few short years.


Join us as we tell you our story in rehabilitating saline land with trees, saltbush, native grasses and lucerne on the northern slopes of the Dividing Ranges in Victoria. See how a saline wasteland can be returned to productive agriculture, and understand how it is possible to begin to restore ecological function.


This is not more spin, instead it is the story of a community group that has managed to do so much in the face of such an extreme challenge."


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*  This award is made to an individual, community group or research organisation for excellence in land and/or water conservation or sustainability research or developing innovative landcare technology.  For more information about Northern United Forestry Group and the Landcare Award, click on