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Christmas Gifts From Greenpeace

(19/11/08 - E)  Definitely something 'different'...

Greenpeace says:


"Tired of handing out the same old presents? Here’s an idea that’s a lot more original, and a lot better for the planet - give loved ones a gift from the Greenpeace Giving online shop.


New and improved for the 08/09 holiday season, we’ve got a fresh new load of fun and funky gifts that make a real difference in protecting our fragile planet.


Tell someone you care by protecting the home of the Emperor Penguin on their behalf. Nominate a friend as an armchair activist. Or give the gift of GE free future.  


The shop contains real items that we need to win environmental campaigns.  So when you chose a gift from Greenpeace Giving, you help fund our creative, non-violent actions and keep us campaigning for a green and peaceful future."

If this interests you, go to the Greenpeace Giving online shop and check out the possibilities