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Climate Change:  Real Estate Burn Out?

(7/8/07 - E)  Anyone else noticed how many photos advertising property sales these days have every light in the house on?

Next time you look over the ads for properties for sale in the local papers, see if you too notice how many of the photos show houses with every light on - inside and out!  Of fairly recent invention, this trend produces a softer, more mellow look that heightens appeal, (and might just also hide a few blemishes as well), but is it really necessary in this day and age where so many people are actually trying to save energy and reduce greenhouse gases - by turning lights OFF.


MRRA Says:

This is one local real estate agents might want to have another look at.  Not only do they run the risk of giving their businesses a bad (wastrel) image, it might even make some prospective buyers stay away.  Turn the lights (not buyers) off!