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(14/4/08 - E)  Climate change news from around the world.

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November 18 Edition of Climate Crisis Coalition Newsletter

(20/11/07 - E)  Latest IPCC Report Feature

Be warned, this newsletter has some inspirational moments but so too patches which produce total despair.  Question: why do so many other countries seem to be doing more than Australia about climate change?  Click here to go to the newsletter.



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This is a US-based website, but its reports are international.  For example, this week there are a number of articles relating to Australia:

APEC Meeting Fizzles to Inconclusive End

Australian Native Plants Face Extinction, Climate Experts Say

Australia to Make Water Restrictions Permanent.


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The concept behind the "People's Ratification of the Kyoto Global Warming Treaty" is interesting - that is, that the US Constitution is the ultimate authority of government, and as such, citizens are ratifying the Protocol and demanding that their elected representatives follow suit.  Do we, could we, have a similar opportunity in Australia, and not just on Kyoto (e.g. flogging off uranium to (almost) anyone)?  If you know something about our constitutional situation in Australia, we'd love to hear your comments.  You can send us an email on