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You Are Invited To A Whale Watch!

(15/7/10 - E)  Bass Coast Whale Watch is on 25 July at Williamsons Beach - help record sightings to get these magnificent creatures recognized 

Bass Coast Whale Watch is an initiative of Watershed Victoria, formerly Your Water Your Say, a local community group who fought the Wonthaggi desal plant, and were sued by the State government for their trouble.  This time around, they are not happy that neither the State nor Federal governments recognize that area as important whale habitat, and so are recording sightings of whales in the area.  You can show your support for whales by going along and joining in. Click here for details and map directions (many thanks to Bev for sending these in) or go to details and give the organizers a call.



Greenpeace:  Free The Tokyo Two - Put Whaling On Trial

(16/12/08 - E)  Sign the petition

Click here for more information.



Humane Society International Appeals For Help To Stop Whaling

(24/6/08 - E)  Can you help?

Click here for more information



Sign The Petition To Help Put An End To Whaling Slaughter

(6/9/07 - E)  One million signatures needed - only 390,482 received.  Please do your bit by signing up today Go to    See original story on this item



Save The Whales

(14/12/07 - E)  Urgent call for support for a letter to go to Japanese government

Here's the message:


"Go into the Channel Nine website for the Today Show, they have a petition for people to sign regarding the slaughtering of whales by

 Japan. If they get a lot of signatures they are going to send it to Japan.  Get as many people as you can."


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Sea Shepherd's Ship Farley Mowat Coming to Melbourne 26th July

(23/7/06 - E)  Call for world-wide support to conserve whales

Remember that anti-whaling (pro-whale conservation) ship impounded earlier this year in South Africa?  It's out of jail and coming to Melbourne. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society asks for your support to do more.  Click here for more information and contact details.