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Sign The On-line Petition Calling For Canada To Not Kill 220,000 Seals

(15/7/10 - E)   Help stop the Sable Island bloodbath planned by the Canadian government 

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Humane Society Update:  European Union Votes To Ban Baby Fur Seal Trade

(28/7/08 - E)  Sign the online petition to show your support for stopping this horrible killing

The Humane Society International has advised


Today (23/7/08), in an historic step forward in the campaign to end cruel commercial seal hunts, the European Commission responded by adopting a proposal to ban most trade in seal products within the European Union."


Today the European Commission announced that it was moving forward with its proposal to ban trade in seal products in the European Union. Next it's off to the European Parliament, where Humane Society International will lobby to make the proposal even stronger.


Next Steps

The adoption of this proposal is a major victory for the seals and we are closer than ever to ending this brutal hunt for good. However, the Commission has included a problematic exemption in the current draft—for products from countries that can prove their hunting methods are "humane" and that the seals did not suffer unnecessarily. Such an exemption might allow countries to improve their regulations on paper while the cruelty continues in the field unchecked.


The good news is that there is still time to act. The proposal will now be forwarded to the European Parliament, where it is possible this exemption may be removed. European citizens and their parliamentarians want a strong law—one that stops all trade in products derived from commercial seal hunts. Sign our petition to show your support for the seals.


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MRRA Says:


Click here for some graphic photography from the killing fields.  WARNING:  don't look at these photographs if you are easily upset.



International Petition:  Sign On To Save The Baby Seals

(22/4/08 - E)  The Humane Society International is running a petition to the European Union to ban the trade in seal products

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