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Coalition Against Duck Shooting Asks For Your Urgent Help

(10/12/08 - P)  Send a message to Premier Brumby today


The Coalition Against Duck Shooting says:


"It is time for Victoria to follow the three Australian Labor states (WA, NSW and Queensland) which have banned the recreational shooting of native waterbirds. Your involvement will help stop this brutal and unsustainable activity."




Click here – – to help persuade Victorian Premier Brumby to ban the recreational shooting of native waterbirds permanently or at least call another moratorium in 2009.  This is very quick and simple.  Click on -  - fill in your name and address and then click ‘Send email to Brumby’.


The Victorian government will make a decision on the 2009 recreational duck shooting season sometime in December, probably before Christmas. The shooters are desperate for another season and are pushing very hard.


The recreational shooting of native waterbirds was cancelled in Victoria in 2007 and 2008 due to low waterbird numbers and drought. Conditions have not improved.


Thank you.


Lynn Trakell

Coalition Against Duck Shooting





Phone:  0414 816 509



Coalition Against Duck Shooting Calls For Urgent Help To Save Gippsland Swans

(10/8/08 - E)  Send a message now to stop this senseless killing

Click here for more information.



Queensland Bans Duck Shooting

(16/8/05 – E) Victoria falls further behind in environmental stakes as promised duck shooting ban still not in place

The Coalition Against Duck Shooting is celebrating a recent announcement that duck shooting is now banned in Queensland.  Here’s what the Coalition sent to MRRA:


Fantastic news - no more killing of native birds for recreation in Queensland.  There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel for Victoria too.  Please write or email your local member - you'll find their email address at: (with a copy to Premier Bracks at asking that Victoria follows the compassionate lead of Queensland, NSW and WA and permanently bans the recreational killing of native waterbirds in Victoria.