Archive: Toxic Algal Bloom

Last Updated 30/6/05


Northern Drinking Water Reservoirs Fall Victim To Toxic Algal Bloom

(31/5/05 E) Lake Eppalock amongst those out of commission.

Warm weather, low storage levels and that vital ingredient, nutrient, have triggered toxic blue-green algal blooms on several reservoirs generally north of the Great Divide.  Lake Eppalock (312,000 megalitres when full) is currently holding only 5% of capacity.  The Lake provides irrigation supplies as well as drinking water for Bendigo (about half of Macedon Ranges Shire falls within the Lake Eppalock proclaimed catchment).  Hepburn Lagoon is also affected by a bloom and is off limits for recreational users.


MRRA Says:

60 70% of Macedon Ranges Shire falls within proclaimed drinking water catchments, which means that rainwater which runs off properties within these catchments ends up as water for human consumption.  Each time we fertilize our gardens or paddocks, or flush our toilets to septic tanks, we put nutrients in the catchment and it all ends up in a drinking water reservoir.  Then either we or someone else drinks that water.  It costs us money to treat that water.  Algal blooms are particularly dangerous to humans and stock.  MRRA asks residents to be especially aware of the impact their activities can have on the water we drink.