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How Low Can They Go?  Where Is The Water Going To Come From This Summer...

(31/8/08 - P)  Rural water storages currently below what they were this time last year

A quick look at water storages managed by "local" water authorities (Goulburn Murray, Western and Coliban Water) shows, overall, reservoirs are holding less water than this time last year.  


Here's a quick overview of how things look in the main reservoirs in the Macedon Ranges' region. The storages shown here variously supply water to Woodend, Romsey, Kyneton, Malmsbury, Castlemaine, and Bendigo.  Rosslynne (which used to supply Gisborne and Sunbury, has been out of commission (empty) for some time. Click here for more details, and click here to see how it looked just over a year ago.


End of August, 2008 % Full Now Holding This Year  ML Full Capacity/Max ML This Time Last Year ML % Full Last Year
Western Water          
Rosslynne Reservoir* 3.40%   25,368ML   5.00%
Kerrie Reservoir (Romsey) 41.20%   341ML   87.80%
Campaspe Res and Res B & C (Woodend) 39.30%   361ML   99.10%
Goulburn Murray Water          
Lake Eppalock 6.85% 20,860 304,650 15,190.76 4.99%
Eppalock (Coliban share) 12.7% 6,949 54,900    
Lauriston 43.9% 8,678 19,790    
Malmsbury 3.1% 544 17,780
Upper Coliban 1.7% 654 37,480    


MRRA Says:


Looks like rain of biblical proportions is needed to head off even more severe water restrictions than those we currently have.  If you can tell us how having ever increasing population is a 'bonus' with this dire outlook, we'd love to hear from you.


Meanwhile, get those buckets ready - it's looking like it will be a long, hot, dry and tiring summer.  Again.



Yep, It Has Rained But The Signs Aren't Good For Gardens Or Drinking Water Supplies Next Summer

(7/8/07 - E)  Scratch the surface, and it's still 'dry as chips'

Have YOU been out in the garden lately?  Done any digging?  In a year in which there has (so far) been some rain, you might be surprised to find that while the top is really wet, it doesn't take long to turn up 'bone dry' dirt (although this might depend on your soil type).  This started MRRA thinking about how drinking water storages and supplies are faring.  We seem to always be hearing ever-such-positive reports of the improving situation of MELBOURNE's water storages.  MRRA thought it was time to check out how local supplies are going, and it's not a pretty picture.  Too many reservoirs are actually holding less water now than they did this time last year, and the reality is that we only have a couple of months to go before the hot weather is here again.  Click here for latest reports on water storage levels.