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Jacksons Creek & Melbourne Water - A Discussion Of Activities

(21/2/09 -  E)  10 March, Riddells Creek 

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Bullengarook Landcare:  Guest Speaker From Melbourne Water  November 21

(6/10/08 - E)   Explanation of new Melbourne Water catchment charge

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Melbourne Water Consultation Meetings On Cost Increases - What's The Big Secret?

(30/10/07 - P)  Seems you have to ring to find out where the meetings will be held!

MRRA has received some feedback on how Melbourne Water is running the 'community' meetings where it is announcing cost increases to its customers.  To the best of our knowledge, while the towns have been named, the addresses of where meetings are actually to be held have not been freely published.   One story we've heard is that Melbourne Water wants to know who is coming so it can have enough officers present to deal with customers and their issues on a one-on-one basis. Hmm.  So can we assume either they aren't anticipating a large customer turnout, or they have an awful lot of officers?  Not a good look, Melbourne Water...



Melbourne Water 2008 "Waterway Water Plan" Out For Consultation (Before 16 November)

(15/10/07 - E)  It's only sort of about waterways - it's a lot more about price rises for residents within Melbourne Water's jurisdiction in Macedon Ranges, including a new charge for drainage and waterway services.

If you live within the Maribyrnong catchment in Macedon Ranges (Gisborne, Macedon, Mt. Macedon, Riddell, Romsey and Lancefield), you should read this Plan document, because you have an opportunity to comment on it before November 16.  There are a couple of interesting bits that leap out even from skimming the 40 page document: 


Melbourne Water will have record expenditure over the next 2 years, in the main to pay for the desalination plant "proposed" at Wonthaggi in Gippsland, and for the pipeline to ship the Goulburn area's water to Melbourne.  As a result, costs for all Melbourne Water customers are going up.  Melbourne Water is also introducing a new waterways and drainage charge for customers within its extended boundaries. That includes Macedon Ranges' residents within the Maribyrnong River catchment.  You can access the consultation draft report from Melbourne Water's website  or call 131 722.  Community information sessions will be held as follows:


Melbourne Water Local Community Information Sessions
Melton Monday 29 October
Mornington Peninsula Wednesday 31st October
Werribee Thursday 1st November
Sunbury Friday 2nd November
Newhaven Wednesday 7th November
Romsey Thursday 8th November



Do We Need Melbourne Water?

(21/3/05 - SG) With Rosslynne Reservoir at its highest level in several years, is spending millions to connect to Melbourne Water still justified?

With Rosslynne Reservoir at just under 16%, and Western Water confident enough to remove restrictions and place every customer on permanent water restrictions, can spending millions to connect to Melbourne Water be justified?   Is there a genuine need for the connection, or could it be an excuse to turn Macedon Ranges into suburbia?