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Water Crisis Forum In Bendigo 27th April

(8/4/06 - E)  As Central Victoria dries up, Bushlinks asks: how do we get an environmentally sustainable water supply for our region?

Want to know more about why we are running out of water, and to have your say about what might be done about it?  Building on the work already being done by Central Victoria Fairwater, the Bushlinks group will host a forum with expert, and impacted, guest speakers and an open forum, on water issues.  Click here for Forum Details  (See also Archive and Spotlight)


MRRA Says:

Much of the land within Macedon Ranges Shire falls within open (i.e. access not restricted) drinking water catchments, and until recently the Shire not only produced all of its own water but also drinking water for areas outside the Shire such as Melton, Sunbury, Bendigo and Castlemaine.  What we do here in Macedon Ranges has a strong influence over the amount, and quality, of water we and others have.  Here is an opportunity for you to become better informed about these critical issues, and to discuss what we might be able to do to make a difference while we continue to wait for the State government to do something about too much growth, not enough water, and on-going damage to our catchments from development that doesn't belong there.  MRRA strongly encourages residents to get involved in this issue - our future depends on getting it right.



Environment Victoria Says Save Melbourne's Rivers : Leave some water for our precious environment...

(5/3/06 - E)  Macedon Ranges says: Us too!

Environment Victoria is concerned that too much water is being taken out of already degraded and depleted rivers.  It's asking the government to not drain Melbourne's rivers dry.  Click here to see Environment Victoria's media release.


MRRA Says:

The same concerns could well be held about rivers in the Macedon Ranges/Bendigo area but with an added consideration - most of our rivers are supposed to put water into our drinking water reservoirs as well.  The Central Victoria Fairwater group recently organized a walk of the Campaspe River to highlight how bad things are in our area.  Click here to see a graphic photograph of a non-existent Campaspe River.  Note: The Campaspe River provides water to the Woodend (Campaspe Reservoir) and Lake Eppalock storages.



Fairwater:  New Catchment and Water Management Group Formed

(22/7/05 – E) “Fairwater” – it means what it says!

MRRA has received advice that a new catchment and water management group, called “FAIRWATER”, focussing on the Murray-Darling Basin has been formed.   It’s still early days but they have a website and you can check out what it’s about at  See also 'Fairwater' at Community Clipboard