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Sign The Petition To Get Australia Moving On Solar Feed In Tariffs

(21/6/09 - E)  Please think about signing this petition ASAP

Australian renewable energy company, Energy Matters, is running a petition calling on the Federal government to rethink its position on feed-in tariffs.  You may wish to sign it. To find out more, click Energy Matters or follow this link:

Here's what Energy Matters say:


Let's get Australia moving on solar feed in tariffs! 


A feed-in tariff is a premium rate paid for electricity produced by a renewable source such as a grid connected rooftop solar system or wind turbine, usually over and above the market rate.


National gross feed in tariff programs have been established around the world, resulting in increased uptake of solar and wind power systems by home owners and businesses ..


Sign the petition and help Rudd choose a solar future!



Macedon Ranges SLG To Hold Question And Answer Session

(14/10/08 - E)  Nominating Councillors to be quizzed in Woodend 11 November

Click here for more information



Save Water, Save Energy Expo 17 - 19 October

(15/10/08 - E)   Pretty much everything you need to know to do our environment, and yourself, some big favours.  Check it out!

Want to build green? Renovate sustainably? Make your home more energy efficient? Save your garden from the long hot summer? Protect the environment?  Then the Save Water Save Energy Expo will give you all the products, services and free advice you need to achieve your goals.


Award-winning Gisborne locals Lyn and Maurice Bienat will again be exhibitors, with Maurice giving a talk on Friday and Sunday entitled 'Energy Efficient Down-lights and other urban myths'.  


The Expo is on from Friday 17 October to Sunday 19 October, Melbourne Exhibition Centre (Jeff's Shed), 2 Clarendon Street, South Bank, and is open daily between 10am and 6pm.  Entry: Adults $16, Student/Concession $13, Children under 14 free.


For more information and find out about a $6 discount, contact Lyn on 1300 ecoMaster or, or go to the Save Water, Save Energy website



Get Aboard 'Green Thumb Fridays' - Macedon Ranges' Sustainability Group

(6/10/08 - E)  Help with the Woodend permaculture garden on Green Thumb Fridays (October to December) or Sunday working bees

Click here for more information and dates.



Can I Be Paid For Nature? Free Seminars In Port Phillip Catchment, June 21, 28

(29/5/08 - SG)  Register by a week before each seminar

Click here for details



Sustainable House Open Day - Saturday 13 September (tomorrow!)

(12/9/08 - E)  Tour of sustainable housing

Quick details are:


Saturday 13th September

10am – 4pm


Tour Information

• Gisborne Montessori School: 57 Barringo Road, New Gisborne
• Ian de Silva & Kaggi Valentine: 223 Sandy Creek Road, Riddell’s Creek
• Maurice & Lyn Beinat: 194 Short Rd, Gisborne
• Ralf & Cathy Thesing: 110 Jocks Gully Rd, Woodend
• Woodend Sustainable Living Community Building: Woodend - Tylden Rd (47 Forest St) Woodend

Lunch & afternoon snacks are available from Woodend Sustainable Living Community Building

Click here for more information.



Retro-fitting Your House For Thermal Efficiency - 21 June

(29/5/08 - E)  Newham Landcare presents... another winner of an event.  Go along and listen to Lyn and Maurice Beinat's expert advice.

Click here for details



Tour Of Eco Houses In Macedon Ranges  20 July

(19/7/08 - E)  You will have to move quickly to get aboard this one

Click here for info and contact details



Riddells Creek Sustainable Living & Alternative House Expo 2008  20 April

(28/3/08 - E)  If you think the Three Little Pigs had it wrong, now is your chance to test your theory!

Fabulous event, educational, fun.  Click here for more information.



Riddells Creek Sustainable Living & Alternative House Expo 2008  20 April

(28/3/08 - E)  If you think the Three Little Pigs had it wrong, now is your chance to test your theory!

Fabulous event, educational, fun.  Click here for more information



Save Water, Save Energy Expo 19 - 21 October

(15/10/07 - E)  If you liked Carbon Cops, you'll love this!  There's a local 'flavour' too as Gisborne's ecoMaster will be there as an exhibitor, is providing one of the speakers, and has alerted us to a special 'pre-expo' on-line ticket price offer as well

Sustainablity Victoria is the principal sponsor of a weekend of sustainability information, ideas and offers.  Click here for more information about the Expo, which will be held at the Melbourne Exhibition Centre.


You can go along and say 'hello' to the hardworking and seriously-into-sustainability ecoMaster leaders Lyn and Maurice Bienat at Stand A11 (next to Origin Energy).   Maurice, ecoMaster's Chief Technical Officer, has been invited to speak at the Expo on Saturday 20th October at 11:30am in the Speakers Café.  His topic is ‘Beyond the Light Bulbs - Making Your Home Truly Sustainable’.


To take advantage of a special on-line ticket price discount offer, click



Win Tickets To Renewable Energy and Regional Australia Conference!

(8/9/07 - E)  ABC Radio Central Victoria (91.1FM) is offering 10 free tickets to the conference to be held in Bendigo on Monday 17, Tuesday 18 September

The conference is highlighting how renewable energy (solar, wind, municipal waste, woodwaste, waste oils, geothermal etc) can be a winner for rural and regional areas; and the RE options, regulations, funding possibilities. To find out more about it, check  Click here to find out how to win tickets.



The Serious Version: Seventeen (And Other) Laws Relating To Sustainability

(22/8/07 - E)  Tired of the word 'sustainability' being thrown around like confetti?  Then check this out: "The laws . . . that follow are offered in order to define the term "sustainability," which must be understood to mean, "for many millennia"."

A reader of our website sent us this excerpt from "Reflections on Sustainability, Population Growth, and the Environment," which puts forward some insightful explanations about what serious "sustainability" means.   It may date from 1994, but surely it was ahead of its time...  Click here to read about Garrett Hardin's Three Laws of Human Ecology, Boulding's Three Theorems, Abernethy's Axiom and the Seventeen Laws Relating to Sustainability.



Retrofitting Houses For Energy Efficiency - Riddells Creek June 5

(29/5/07 - E)  Greening of Riddell take the lead again with locals Lynn & Maurice Beinat of Ecomaster discussing how it can be done.

Click here for more information



Sustainable Living Festival Is On At Federation Square 16 - 18 February

(17/2/07 - E)   Accelerating The Uptake Of Sustainable Living

Go to the Sustainable Living Festival website ( for lots more details.  While you are at the Festival, you might like to visit Sustainable Population Australia and say a special hello from Macedon Ranges. (MRRA is affiliated with SPA).



Sustainability In Action

(29/9/05 – P) “Cut Your Energy Bills” Display and Workshop, starts 12 October in Woodend

Macedon Ranges Council is running a display and forum to help residents make a positive contribution to sustainability.  This time, ways in which you can help yourself and the planet by using energy more wisely are in the spotlight.  Click here for details.



Sustainability Forum 29 August

(27/7/05 – P) Have your say on Macedon Ranges’ future

Macedon Ranges Shire Council is supporting a Shaping Ideas – Macedon Ranges’ Sustainability Forum on August 29th at Kyneton Town Hall, 8.30 am – 3.30 pm.  Cost is $25 per head.  You will need to register via a registration form.  Click here for the text of the Forum flyer and link to the registration application form or visit Council’s website ( or call Brett Luxford on 5422 0354.