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Revegetation Days With Baynton Sidonia Landcare - June, July & August

(13/6/08 - E)  Don't miss the August direct seeding demo, either!

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"What Tree Is That?" Bus Trip  3 May

(1/5/08 - E)  Baynton Landcare uncorks a ripper event...

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Grrrrassy Weeds Field Day, Langley & Baynton-Sidonia Landcare  27 October (RSVP 23rd)

(11/10/07 - E)  Texas Needle Grass, Chilean Needle Grass and Serrated Tussock identification and management

A nice range of nasties to start with.  Click here for details.



Baynton Sidonia Landcare:  AGM, Lunch and Guest Speaker Paul Haw 23 September

(22/8/07 - E)  How To Value The Environment

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