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Last Updated  31/3/14


 Rally Against Unacceptable Council Behaviour Sees Community Groups Unite

(31/3/14 - C)  Rally says: No confidence in CEO, call for Minister for Local Government to intervene

Despite rain, and an early 6.00pm start (ruling out many commuters), around 100 residents attended the Community Rally last Wednesday (26th), outside the Gisborne Council offices.  They were joined by representatives of seven community groups - most of which formed last year - to protest against Macedon Ranges Council's behaviour, and particularly the lack of equality, respect and inclusion (consultation) in all Council operations.


Represented groups were (Macedon Ranges) Federation of Environment and Horticulture [FEHMR], Friends of Daly Nature Reserve [FoDNR], Getting Riddell Right [GRR], Hanging Rock Action Group [HRAG], Lancefield Park House group [LPH], (Macedon Ranges) Save Our Parks  [MRSOP], and Macedon Ranges Residents' Association [MRRA].


Amid frequent calls of "shame" from the crowd,  each group briefly described their specific issues, and spoke of related unacceptable behaviour by Council. This allowed all present to understand Council's bad practices aren't just happening with one issue, they are happening right across the Shire.


The Rally unanimously supported the following motions:

MRRA Says:


What an historic occasion: collective action by key community groups in the Shire, representing and adding their memberships to the protest.


Another really key outcome was that people became aware that, additional to each group's specific issues, there are common issues across and affecting all groups, including being made to access information under FOI, Council misinformation, failure to give appropriate notice, failure to consult, failure to listen to the community, and inappropriately bullying and belittleling behaviour towards residents.


Council's response to the rally oozes its "we are doing nothing wrong" mantra by concluding that 100 out of 38,000 people is just a 'noisy minority';  the rest are happy with Council.

Wah!!!  You can't be serious.   Clearly, "Fortress Council" is so out-of-touch with its community (other than special friends, of course), it has completely lost touch with reality.  And not only is "no consulting, insulting", it's equally offensive that Council is spending ratepayers' money paying someone to dream up blatantly arse-saving PR spin like that.  These guys just aren't seeing the on-coming train.


Bad Council Behaviour Sparks Community Rally, Wednesday 26 March, Gisborne

(25/3/14 - C)   Combined community action stirs against a Council that no-one likes


A Community Rally will be held outside the Shire Offices in Gisborne, tomorrow Wednesday March 26, starting at 6.00pm and finishing by 7.15pm.


The rally's theme is to call on Council to exercise Equality, Respect, and Inclusion (consultation), something it is not doing now.


Representatives of several Macedon Ranges' community groups, who all have issues and complaints about Council,  will speak briefly on this theme.  The rally is an initiative of Friends of Daly Nature Reserve, designed to allow community voices from all over the Shire to be heard.


The monthly Council meeting will start at 7pm at the same venue, Gisborne Shire Offices.


MRRA Says:


The revolution begins.  Council is out of control, and not listening or interested in its community.  It's time to stand up and say we are not going to take any more of it.