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Brimbank Council Sacked

(17/9/09 - C)  State government acts on new report: suspend or sack them

Following on from the Ombudsman's May 2009 report into Brimbank Council, which found that Brimbank Council was unduly influenced by people with Labor ties, the State government has acted on recommendations from a subsequent review of the Council's performance.  Those recommendations saw the only way forward as being to get rid of Brimbank Councillors.


MRRA Says:


We are told this is the council the Master Builders' Federation said is the best council to do business with. 


Could there be a warning here for all of those Councils which have Labor figures leaning over and attempting to drive (or derail) them? 


What about Macedon Ranges' Council?  All that funding, all those pet projects...  Makes you wonder, doesn't it?