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 Romsey Hub Almost A Goer

(12/9/06 - C)  Council just has to find the money to finish buying the land

At the Council Committee meeting on 6 September, a report to Council described how it has only now come to light that the car park used by the Council offices in Romsey - to be used as part of the new Romsey Hub - is in fact owned by Western Water, not Council.  A 2004/2005 feasibility study seems to have missed this anomaly.  It has only been picked up as part of detailed planning after the project was approved and costed by Council, which last Wednesday decided to purchase the land from Western Water at a Valuer-General's valuation of $140,000.  The land purchase and cost were not included in the project costs or this year's budget, so, even though the Hub is underway, Council will postpone buying the land and have referred it to the 2007/2008 Budget.  So that's $140,000 less Council can 'play' with in next year's budget unless it raises rates to get more spending money.