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Last Updated  16/3/15


NEW  Action Required  Macedon Ranges Council Initiates "Meet Mayor & Councillors" Nights

(16/3/15 - C)  Read the fine print before getting too excited:  it's one-off, at the four main towns only, and you need an appointment for up to 20 minutes one-on-one time with a Councillor.  

Macedon Ranges Council is starting what it calls "Meet Your Mayor & Councillors" evenings.  Not much information on Council's website but click here for what details are available.  


MRRA Says:

Here we go, Council pretending it consults, when all this does is reconfirm Council only consults exclusively


Hmm.  Not quite the anyone-welcome, no-appointment-necessary, anyone-can-speak Ward Meetings held until 2008, is it...  Oops, that would mean Councillors having to face the unwashed, being asked awkward questions in public without necessarily knowing the answers, and being a tad more transparent, accountable and electorate-friendly than now.  


Wonder if the CEO and officers will be honorary "Councillors" for the purpose of being at these meet-and-greet nights?


Go along if you are keen, and if you can get in.