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State Government Seeks Public Comments On Local Government Electoral Review Recommendations (Comments Close November 3)

(1/10/14 - C)   Stage 1 (41 recommendations) and Stage 2 (14 recommendations) to improve Council election processes and accountability  Electoral Reviews 

 The independent Local Government Electoral Review Panel has completed a comprehensive review of the local government electoral system including elections, voting, candidates, ward structures, number of councillors, donations, and much more.    Two large reports have been produced:  Stage 1 and Stage 2.   You have likely heard about these reports, or at least their recommendations, some of which represent major change.  The reports and their recommendations are out for public comment, which can be made until Monday November 3 (the day before Cup Day).  


You can download an online feedback form which includes all of the recommendations and asks what you think of them.  The reasons for the recommendations are in the Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports, so if you want to know more, look there.


For more information, go to the Department of Transport, Planning and Local Infrastructure website  and click the link to the consultation page.  We couldn't find a postal address or a dedicated email address to forward submissions and comments, but you can contact (and presumably forward submissions to) Local Government Victoria via email on


MRRA Says:


There are some red-hot changes proposed in these 55 recommendations.  Our advice is to definitely download and print the feedback form because it contains all of the recommendations in one place.  Check out any that interest you, then look up the Stage 1 and Stage 2 reports to get the background on the recommendation before you comment.


Some of the 'hotties' include (recommendation numbers shown [ ]):

Plenty to think about - go to it!