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Information Session On Review Of Macedon Ranges' Electoral Arrangements 20 July

(19/7/11 - C)  Does the way we elect our Councillors work for you?  Do you think it should be changed?  Here's your chance to have a say...   Submissions close August 2


The Victorian Electoral Commission [VEC] will hold a public information session at 7.00pm on Wednesday, 20 July at the Gisborne Administration Centre, 40 Robertson Street, Gisborne.  This is a scheduled review, the last being in 2004/2005 with changes from it affecting the 2005 Council election.  Click here to see MRRA's Feature Story of that review.


Typically, matters under review are the number of Councillors and wards a Council has, and those decisions also affect how votes are counted.  For example, in wards with more than one Councillor (Macedon Ranges currently has 3 Councillors in each of 3 wards), votes will be counted using the proportional vote counting method (same as the Senate), where votes are counted from the bottom as candidates with fewer primary votes are eliminated), and from the 'top' (when a Councillor is elected, counting stops until their votes are distributed).


Another outcome of multiple-Councillor wards is that, if a Councillor resigns or dies, there is no automatic by-election to elect a successor. This is instead first dealt with by inviting unsuccessful candidates to participate in a countback of the vacating Councillor's votes.


Councils can have one ward, where all Councillors answer to every ratepayer, as well as a mix of wards with different numbers of Councillors in each (for example, a central ward and rural wards).


Find out more, including what happened in the 2004 Review, by going to the Victorian Electoral Commission's website:

The VEC is asking for public comments and will accept submissions up to 5.00 pm on Tuesday August 2, 2011.


Subsequently, the VEC will produce a Preliminary Report on the Electoral Representation Review for Macedon Ranges on Tuesday 23 August.


A public hearing will be held at 6.30pm on Monday, 26 September at the Gisborne Administration Centre, 40 Robertson Street, Gisborne.  Only those who have requested to speak in support of their response submissions can do so at this hearing.


The VEC will produce a Final Report on Wednesday, 19 October.  This report will make recommendations for either retaining the status quo, making minor changes, or making major changes.


MRRA Says:


The process is currently taking a look at the arrangements already in place.  The question is, do you think the current system works in terms of how well you feel you are represented?   For example. does Macedon Ranges Shire have enough or too many Councillors; are there too many or not enough wards; are wards too small or too big; how many Councillors should there be in each ward; does the proportional vote counting method deliver better or worse democracy?  These are some of the questions residents should think about while the opportunity to comment is available.