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Title Noel Harvey
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Date 29 July 2009
Page 3590
29 July 2009 COUNCIL


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Noel Harvey

Mrs PETROVICH (Northern Victoria) -- Today I want to discuss the entirely inappropriate appointment by this government of former Macedon Ranges councillor and mayor Noel Harvey to the councillor conduct panel of the Municipal Association of Victoria. The fact that the Minister for Local Government, Richard Wynne, could possibly make this appointment when Mr Harvey's conduct is currently under investigation is a disgrace and shows a total lack of judgement.


It is apparent that Mr Harvey acted without authority when he signed the five-year employment contract of the Macedon Ranges chief executive. By signing off on this without proper authorisation of council, Mr Harvey demonstrated that he believes he is above the law. Not only has he acted inappropriately, but when questioned he lied about the other councillors being aware of the contract.


A number of councillors have publicly declared they have not sighted or discussed the contract in question. There is a real issue of whether or not there has been an infringement of the Local Government Act. There is a black cloud over the whole affair, and there is no doubt Mr Harvey has a case to answer.


At the very least Mr Harvey should stand down from all his state government appointments until this matter has been cleared. I hope the minister will oversee this matter personally and ensure that political interference and Labor's culture of jobs for the boys in local government is stamped out once and for all.