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More On Former Mayor, Noel Harvey


Article, Midland Express 4/8/09 - Donna Petrovich raises Macedon Ranges' CEO Contract In Parliament

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Donna Petrovich raises Macedon Ranges' CEO Contract in Parliament

Article, Midland Express 4/8/09






Noel Harvey in response to Petrovich article of 4/8/09

Article, Midland Express 11/8/09





Macedon Ranges Shire's Mayor Responds To Harvey Article

Letter To The Editor 21/8/09 Midland Express


Dear editor,


I refer to the article 'former mayor responds' (Midland Express, August 4) and seek to put a position on three matters raised by Mr Harvey.


First, while there were informal discussions on one occasion considering the extension of Mr Johnston's contract to five years, no decision was reached by councillors. The only authority Mr Harvey had was to act pursuant to council's resolution of October 24, 2007, which authorised a three-year contract.


Mr Harvey claims he has many documents to prove he acted according to council's direction but he does not have the one document he needs to establish that, being the minutes of a resolution for a five-year contract.


 Second, as to Mr Harvey's assertion he is not under investigation he may be unaware that the issues surrounding the execution of the contract dated August 7, 2008, have been referred to the Ombudsman Victoria and the Auditor General for investigation.


Furthermore, pursuant to resolution of council the attempts to rectify the contract situation have been referred by council to the Office of Local Government for consideration and advice.


As a result of inept handling of the CEO's contract, this council has been forced to seek the advice of solicitors and a Queens Council at significant expense to the ratepayers. Council is still waiting for a resolution to this inherited mess.


Finally, as to the issue of Statement of Planning Policy No 8, it is and has for 30 years been the policy of the Macedon Ranges Shire Council. The council's policy was affirmed by resolution in July 2004 and still remains in force.


In October 2008, council refused to send Planning Amendment C59 to a panel because the policy was not reflected in the proposed amendment. Mr Harvey in sending the letter to Planning Minister Justin Madden acted contrary to council policy.


I might suggest that Mr Harvey waits for the outcome of these inquiries before making any further public statements that may prove detrimental to him.


Cr John Letchford,

MRS mayor.