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Good News from "Our Parks Not for Sale" Coalition, Brimbank

(17/8/11 - CC)  It's a victory for "People Power"  


Here is a message from Virginia Tachos Chair of "Our Parks Not For Sale". 


She says:


"On Tuesday 16 August 2011 Brimbank Council withdrew their proposal to sell 12 of the 14 proposed "open spaces".


This is a victory for the people of Brimbank who fought hard and responded with 700 submissions , proving that people power prevailed, and that these open spaces are viable, and valuable to be retained in our community.


I would like to take this opportunity as Chair of Our Parks Not for Sale to thank all who supported our campaign, and would like you to join us in celebrating this tremendous community victory by attending our BBQ this Sunday 21st of August from 12 noon at 7a Patterson Avenue Keilor." (Mel 14F6).


Virginia Tachos, Chair, "Our Parks Not For Sale"  Mobile 0411 333 575


Graeme Elkington also of "Our Parks Not For Sale" added: 


"Great news at the ordinary council meeting tonight the Brimbank administrators passed a resolution to "not sell 12 of the 14 areas". We have not finished yet though as we intend to push to have the reclassification to residential returned to that of reserve or open space. We also intend to campaign for the land to be returned rightfully to the ownership of the community. At present it is a council asset which means that we could go through this for a third or fourth time. Our group is resolute in ensuring that these areas are here for the benefit and enjoyment of everyone now and in the future no matter how long or what it takes."  Well said!


And also this message from Julianne Bell, of Protectors of Public Lands VIC:


"Thanks to all Protectors of Public Land VIC members and supporters who objected to the sale of Brimbank parks. See article in Brimbank Leader"


MRRA Says:

Job well done.