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Dianne Hadden MLC

State Election 2006

Valuation of Land Act (2005)




Politicians:  Dianne Hadden MLC  (See also Dianne Hadden at Say NO To Suburbia)

Meet and Speak: Independent MP Dianne Hadden Is Coming To Kyneton (21/10/06 - SG)  Ballarat East candidate Dianne says come and have a chat on September 25, and 17 October and 24 October. No appointment is necessary.

Independent MP Dianne Hadden Declares She's Officially Running In Ballarat East (31/7/06 - SG)  That includes Kyneton, Malmsbury, Tylden, Ashbourne and parts further west in Macedon Ranges Shire

Meet Independent MP Dianne Hadden  (3/7/06 - SG)  11 July in Kyneton

MRRA Slips On Hadden Meeting Reportback (10/6/06 - SG)  "Oops" brings unfair response from local Labor MP, Geoff Howard

Independent MP Dianne Hadden Calls On State Government To Do More Research Before Forcing Fluoride Into Drinking Water: "Latest Study Links Fluoridated Water To Rare Bone Cancer In Boys" (15/5/06 - E)  If you have an interest in the fluoride in drinking water issue, click here to see Dianne Hadden's media release.

Independent Parliamentarian Dianne Hadden Says 'Tell VCAT Half A Decision Isn't Good Enough' (9/5/06 - SG)  Kyneton pokies decision "A Black Day" for the town

Meet Local Independent MLC Dianne Hadden In Kyneton 18th April (8/4/06 - SG) No appointment necessary

Independent State MLC Dianne Hadden Coming To Kyneton Tuesday 6th (2/12/05 - SG)  Go along and have a cuppa and a chat

Independent MLC Dianne Hadden Calls On Communities To Make Submissions on Hattah-Nowingi Toxic Waste Dump EES  (24/10/05 - E)  Time to make submissions extended

Meet MLC Dianne Hadden on 4th October (22/9/05 - SG)  Independent State Upper House member comes to Kyneton to listen to what you say

DATE CHANGE (1/10/05 - SG)  Meet MLC Dianne Hadden on 4th October Now 12th October (22/9/05 - SG) Independent State Upper House member comes to Kyneton to listen to what you say.

MLC For Macedon Ranges, Dianne Hadden, Quits Labor Party (7/4/05 - SG)  'Bracks Govt Hasn't Delivered For Rural Areas'



State Election 2006

Bracksed.Com #23 Picks Up On Problems In Macedon Ranges:  "The Hanging Rock Housing Estate" (23/11/06 - P)  People Power candidate Rob Guthrie lets rip on the Bracks government's failure to protect Macedon Ranges

BRACKS GOVERNMENT SAYS IT WON'T PROTECT MACEDON RANGES  (14/10/06 - SP)   Nothing will save Macedon Ranges from becoming a suburb now

State Election 2006 (14/10/06 - SG) Parties, Websites, Current MPs, Candidates, Election Information

State Election: Cr. Rob Guthrie Is "People Power" Candidate In Seat Of Macedon (14/10/06 - SG)  A man of principle, and of the people.

"GetUp" - A National Movement For Action NOW On Climate Change (30/9/06 - E) Hey, it's getting hot in here...  See Environment

"" Is People Power's Response To Defamatory Blog Site (30/9/06 - SG)  The successor site to 2002's "" exposes the off-putting ugliness, dirtiness and desperation of party politics

"People Power" - A New Political Party About People, Ethics And Accountability (19/8/06 - SG)  They've got 60 candidates across the State, and they're looking for candidates in this area.  Check it out at

"Put Labor Last" Hot New Political Blog Site: Vote For Anybody, But Put Labor Last (15/8/06 - SG)  A lament (and an expose)  Labor's not the Party it used to be

"Reclaim Residents' Rights" Strike Back:  Bad Planning Spawns New Political Party In Melbourne. "Reclaim Residents' Rights"  Will Run Candidates At The State Election In November (15/8/06 - SG)  What they stand for won't appeal to everyone, but the message is clear:  Planning is on the nose in Victoria

"Democracy4sale"  Who's Paying Who?  (21/7/06 - O)   Two fascinating websites let you look at who is donating to political parties.  Some of them (donors and donations) might surprise you.

"Bracks Broken Promises" Website Worth A Visit (30/5/06 - SG)  The Bracks government has a whopper of a broken promise right here in Macedon Ranges where 'we will protect' seems to mean nothing

Meet The Candidates Meeting for Macedon (31/10/06 - SG)  Your chance to put candidates to the test: Gisborne 9th November

People, Ethics and Accountability:  Meeting On August 26th  (23/8/06 - SG)  An invitation to all from Kevin Chamberlain, Presidents of Protectors of Public Lands Victoria



Valuation of Land Act (2005)

Proposed Changes to the Valuation of Land Act (21/3/05 - SG) How do you feel about paying a fee to challenge the valuation of your property?